Tire Wear – Learn to Read Your Tires

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Though tires have come a long way, the thought of a blowout caused by a faulty or worn tire is still frightening. Also scary is the thought of skidding over wet roads due to hydroplaning. Luckily, most modern tires have been built to last and, at the very least, they will show appropriate signs of age before they pose a risk. Keeping a close eye on your tires can also give benefits beyond safety alone – gas mileage, comfortable riding and handling are all affected by your tires. Learning to read your tires is an important part of vehicle ownership and here is how to do it.

How to Replace Struts on Your Car

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Struts are an essential component to any car that help it travel more smoothly and prevent unnecessary, uncomfortable bounces. Usually, you’re advised to change the struts every 40,000 miles, but to check if your car really needs its struts changed, check the tire treads. If the car starts having problems with handling or the tread marks on it are uneven, you will need to change them. You can get all the equipment required to change your car’s struts at your local automotive shop; ask for assistance and give the vehicle type to get pointed in the right direction. Also, something with very useful information that anyone rarely references can come in handy, your car’s owner’s manual! It has all the information there is to know about your vehicle.

How Your Brakes Work

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The brakes on modern vehicles are truly great engineering accomplishments. They are designed to operate under a wide range of tolerances, they are often the most neglected maintenance item, and they are designed to just-plain last longer than all other vehicle systems. Long after the transmission is toast, the engine is blown and the wheels fall off, it is likely that the calipers and shoes of the braking system will still be holding their respective rotors and wheel cylinders in place. So just how do brakes work?

Car Backup Camera Buying Guide

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As more cars have in-dash video screens integrated into them, more and more cars feature backup camera systems to aid in driving in reverse and for safety. Even if a car does not include a camera, the vehicle can still be retrofitted with a backup camera system. The principle behind car backup camera systems is quite simple. A camera is mounted to the back center of the car usually above the license plate or rear insignia. The camera then automatically sends data to the in-dash video screen, allowing the driver to have instant feedback when driving in reverse. When shopping for a backup camera system, there are a few things to check in order to have the maximum safety and quality in a camera.

Can I Really Trust My Car Repair Shop?

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No, you cannot really trust your car repair shop. Trust implies that you can drive away from the shop knowing that the services you received were actually necessary and performed correctly. Like all other businesses car shops are in business to make money – sometimes unscrupulous employees will take advantage of trust. But there are a few ways to keep the relationship with your car shop strong while maintaining a sense of oversight that will keep you from being had.