Knowing When To Change A Timing Belt
Changing a timing belt on your vehicle can be a very time consuming. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of components under your hood that must be removed before you can even get to your vehicle’s timing belt. This is why it is best to change a timing belt at the same time that you are planning on doing other repairs and maintenance practices to your vehicle such as putting on a replacement water pump or changing belts like the serpentine, air conditioner or water pump belt.


Anyone who has ever needed a car wash but not had the time to take his or her car for detailing in person will appreciate how supremely convenient mobile car washes prove to be. For the individuals who are offering this convenient service, it is often forgotten that water usage and drainage are important factors to consider in the provision of these kinds of services. Such auto detailing machines and supplies should not simply be effective in cleaning, but also in conserving water usage.

New car warranties have been around since the dawn of the car dealership, but used car extended warranties are comparatively new. Many people are already well-acquainted with new car warranties and often believe that used car warranties work in much the same fashion, though that is not always the case. Anyone considering a used car warranty needs to read the fine print and understand exactly what they are getting if they hope to avoid spending money on a used car warranty that will prove to be next to useless.

Ahh, the days of road trips with your parents, long hours of sitting in a car staring, at a never-changing landscape as it droned on by and repeatedly asking the classic line, “When are we going to get there?” Fun memories, right? Probably not. Though, there are some truly interesting scenic roads out there, there is, unfortunately, a large number that seem to cut through hours of corn fields or dull beige desert. For those long journeys, especially cross-country, multi-day ones, a kid’s portable DVD player is a must to break up the tedium.

There are many important things to consider when shopping for a new car audio system, some of which are not readily apparent to those who are not car audio enthusiasts. For anyone considering the purchase of an updated car audio system, remember to consider these factors: