A car or truck starter is a vital system component for all modern and semi-modern engines. Before the days of starters, engines were cranked by hand – an inconvenient and sometimes dangerous activity given the ability of engines to backlash and break arms. However, even with the convenience of starters comes the truth that they do break down. Replacing an old starter is not normally a difficult process and this article will help you locate, remove and replace your starter.


Since the automobile’s conception, the pick up truck has given drivers who need to carry big loads of cargo or who want the versatility that only a truck bed can provide a perfect alternative to the volume limits of a standard car. And like the standard car, the pick up truck has a long and interesting history. From the moment the first pick up truck was developed, the automobile industry was changed forever.


There are many benefits of owning an automotive repair manual, especially if the manually happens to be specifically targeted at the make, model, and year of vehicle that you happen to own. There are many benefits to be had by those who are willing to take the time to learn how to read such a repair manual and take even a handful of common repair and/or maintenance tasks upon themselves. Here are but a few of the key benefits of owning an automotive repair manual:


Let’s face the facts here, in light of the economic crises of the last few years, luxury items and wish lists have all taken a body blow. And yet for the truck enthusiast who loves to run the monster around the swamps and wetlands, mud tires are almost certainly a necessity. It is still possible to find cheap mud tires to purchase, in particular online, but there are a variety of things that the savvy consumer will have to look out for in the along the way.

Practically every motorcycle enthusiast in the world loves and admires the Harley Davidson brand of motorcycle. These much cherished bikes have been proving that getting there is at least half the fun for many decades now. Even though Harley’s are considered to be wonderful and well built bikes, they do have their quirks. Chief among these is the tendency of Harley Davidson motorcycles to have an apparent oil leak.