Guide to Fuel Filter Replacement

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The fuel filter is one component in your car that costs under twenty dollars to replace, but can prevent thousands of dollars of damage to your engine. Dirty or clogged fuel filters can result in poor gas mileage, rough idling engine and even engine stalls. To prevent these problems the fuel filter should be changed at least once a year. Thankfully, it’s a procedure that is very simple and only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

How Far Can We Really Extend Oil Change Intervals?

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Depending on the manufacturer, an oil change interval can vary greatly, and has for the last 30 years or so without being clearly defined to one standard. So how can a driver determine exactly how far a vehicle should go without an oil change? The manufacturer and the oil company both make different claims regarding this interval. There are other claims made by the oil change stores who want customers to believe them.

Make Your Next Family Road Trip Enjoyable With a Navigation System and Car DVD Player

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Family road trips are part of the American dream, but they come with four nagging words that we all know very well: are we there yet? These four words have been the bane of parents trying to take their family someplace entertaining, enlightening, or just relaxing for years. The result is that by the time most parents arrive at their destination, they are not exactly in the most relaxed state of mind. There is a solution, and one that can be surprisingly affordable: car navigation systems with DVD players.
At first this might seem like a very expensive option, but it may not be nearly as bad as it seems at first glance. Affordable DVD/navigation combo systems from name brand companies start at around $300 at the time of this writing, and they keep getting more affordable. It is possible to spend more on a navigation system with DVD functionality and get more out of it, but it is also important to consider the installation costs.

The Benefits of Hard Pick Up Bed Covers

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People who buy soft covers for their pick up trucks are most likely buying it because they are cheaper than hard covers. There are many types of hard covers that can cost a little more than soft covers. Hard covers can also give a pick up truck more protection from weather related issues. There are three different types of hard covers to choose from. There are hydraulic armor lid covers, back flip retractable hard covers, and retractable key lock hard covers. Hard covers, which are also called Tonneau’s, have many more benefits than a soft cover.