How to Install an Additional Leaf Spring

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Many truck owners wish their vehicles could have more lift or the ability to carry more load. Fortunately, there is one easy way to improve both lift and load capacity. All you have to do is install an extra leaf spring. This job can also be done by nearly anyone in their own garage. To save money on paying a mechanic to install an extra leaf spring for you, simply follow these instructions.

The Correct Mud Tires for Dirty Outdoor Fun

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When selecting mud tires for your truck you have a few options available to you. Most of the tires that come standard with your truck are rated for “street driving” and aren’t suitable for off road driving or driving in mud. Off road tires need to have the proper height to allow the truck to have the traction it needs to overcome hills or deep mud. Therefore, if you are going to drive your truck off road, then you are going to need to purchase tires that are at least one to two sizes taller. Before you enter a tire store, however, there are a few other guidelines that you need to consider in order to purchase the perfect tire for your off road adventures.

4×4 Off-Road Accessories Lend Your Vehicle the Look You Always Wanted

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If you have a 4×4 vehicle there is much you can do to it to improve its look and flexibility. Whether you own a truck, a Jeep, a Hummer, an SUV, or other type of 4×4 off-road vehicle, there are many accessories geared to make ownership more fun. Many 4×4 off-road accessories can be installed by the owner following instructions. If you are handy or mechanically inclined, and have a few basic tools you can do the job yourself and save money on installation. There are some websites dedicated to help the do it yourself wheeler on steps on how to install many 4×4 off-road parts and accessories. These How to Centers offer tips for best installation and great information on the newest parts. There are also manuals, or do it yourself videos that the aficionado can take advantage of to obtain the best look for his/her 4×4 vehicle.

Buying an SUV Vs a Minivan

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If you are looking for a vehicle that is roomy, you may be deciding if you want an SUV or a minivan. There are benefits to each of them so you have lots of options. You will find many sizes of SUV’s out there so you can get one that holds just as many people as a mini van. In fact, there are some that hold 8 passengers where the largest minivans only hold 7.

SUVs With the Best Gas Mileage

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When most people talk about SUVs, they’ll inevitably talk about how much fuel they chug down and these days, people are becoming more interested in finding a vehicle that gets the job done without a big penalty in fuel economy. Finding an SUV that gets good fuel economy isn’t a tough task these days, with many manufacturers accommodating customers who are in the market for a vehicle that combines fuel economy with all of the qualities they look for in an SUV. Below are five SUVs that fit the bill for those interested in saving a bundle at the pump.