How to Maximize Vehicle Battery Life

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One of the most important (and neglected) items in a vehicle is the storage battery. It is only used for a fraction of the time spent in the car — basically to provide the energy to crank up the starter. Once that is accomplished, it just sits there, being fed juice from the alternator. There is no other call for its services. This is because the electrical system in the vehicle has another component. The alternator as previously mentioned, supplies power to the battery and any other source needing a supply. This is accomplished through a belt that is hooked up to the motor which turns the alternator (or generator) several thousand times per minute. The interior of this device is designed to produce a direct current that is able to power everything on board. However, it only makes energy when the motor is running. It does not have the storage capacity of a battery.

Low Coolant Sensors in Action

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One of the most neglected parts of any automotive engine is the cooling system, because vehicle owners tend to only pay attention to this particular item when the car has overheated. Unfortunately this is too late since a hose has burst, the radiator has sprung a leak, or the engine itself has blown a very important internal gasket, which will mean a hefty bill at the mechanic shop.

Provide Light With HID Lights

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Night Driving Statistics Say Inadequate Street Lighting Causes Accidents

Driving at night can be stressful even when the streets are well lit, but driving through country roads or on streets with no lighting can be downright dangerous. Several consumer reports blame inadequate street lighting for over sixty percent of nighttime accidents and that percentage can be considerable higher in rural areas where dark roads and poor quality car headlights meet and create hazardous driving conditions. High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights are designed to reduce some of the stress and danger associated with night driving. Recent studies indicate that installing HID lights helps drivers see better by providing brighter light for a longer period of time.

Things to Remember When Upgrading Your Car Audio

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Technology is always changing. This is why it is important to think about upgrading your car’s audio system. Do not think that you have to deal with the grainy sounds of your speakers or cope if one of your speakers is blown. Instead, there are many different stereo systems you can invest in for your car. Some models are known for their booming speakers and bass whereas others are known for how easy they are to navigate. When it comes time to make this important decision, take your time so that you can educate yourself and choose an audio system that works for your lifestyle, needs, and for your car. The following are some things to remember if you are thinking about upgrading your car audio system.

Your Brakes Are Crucial – Make Sure They Function Properly

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Today’s cars are built with safety in mind. Front and side airbags protect the driver and passenger in a violent collision. Safety belts keep passengers from flying forward and possibly hitting their head on the windshield. There are even audible beeps to warn other cars and people that you are backing up. Of all the safety features in a car, none is of greater importance than your brakes.