The invention of the automobile basically opened up the world to the average citizen. They could now go anyplace that they wanted much faster when compared to riding a horse. Today, they are not just a means of transport, but are highly thought of as a possession. Owners spend a great deal of time and effort to maintaining these modes of transport. That is the reason many of these people like to do their own repair work.

Nostalgia is history seen through rose-tinted glasses. While people may wax on about the “good ol’ days” of cars, technology has moved onward and that has changed how we maintain our vehicles. The following old saws about car maintenance no longer apply.

Building a speaker box

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It is relatively simple, with a few carpentry tools and supplies, to build your own speaker box to fit in your vehicle. There are a few things to take into consideration before starting such as the space available inside the vehicle (this will determine the size of the speaker you will want to install) and your budget. The most effective building material is 3/4” high density particle board. This is what most speaker box retailers use when constructing standard speaker boxes.


For may models of vehicles a great deal is operated by the serpentine belt. This is a very simple process that we often take for granted. That is until that belt breaks and nothing seems to work. When you lose the support of the serpentine belt you won’t be able to adequately steer your vehicle or have access to air conditioning. In many vehicles this particular belt is also linked to the alternator, the water pump, and to the air pump.


There are several automotive products that can be extremely helpful in maintaining your car’s appearance and performance. These products are not expensive to buy and are well worth the investment in making a routine car maintenance easier. One of the first products that you need to have in your trunk is Lucas gasoline additive. You put this product into your tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions when you fill it with gas. It helps to keep the engine clean and can actually help you save on your gas mileage. It can be found at any automotive or major retail store and is very inexpensive to buy.