Is the Minivan or SUV the Best Choice for Your Household?

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If you want to start trouble within a group of moms, you only have to ask them one simple question: Are minivans better than SUVs? The ensuing argument should serve to highlight the long-standing debate between these two similar and yet very different vehicles. Although both offer spacious seating and cargo room, the less economical SUV is considered by many to be a more stylish and rugged ride than the domestic minivan. If you are looking for a new car to transport your family, you may feel torn between the two yourself. In the end, though, each type is so different from the other that, when compared side-by-side, you should be able to determine which is the best choice for your household.

The Importance Of Automotive Brakes On A Vehicle

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While the maintenance of some vehicle components can wait until you have some extra money to spare, the brakes should never be neglected. The brakes are what allow you to stop at railroad crossings, slow down on the freeway when traffic gets backed up and prevent you from rear-ending the car in front of you in a parking lot. The ability to stop quickly and safely is a vital component of overall automobile safety. If the brakes start slipping, squealing or otherwise malfunctioning, they require immediate inspection and possible repair to lessen the risk of an accident down the road.

How to Get Better MPG Out of Your Car

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With the current global recession, many people are looking for ways to save money on transportation. While public transport can be a good choice for people that live in a city, many areas are inaccessible without a vehicle. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks for saving money and reducing gas usage in a car. As gas prices have risen in many parts of the United States, many people are looking for ways to get better miles-per-gallon (MPG) out of a car.

How To Diagnose Alternator Problems

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The alternator of your car is an essential component of what you need to keep your car running smoothly. In fact, it is the power source of your vehicles, as if your alternator doesn’t work correctly, your car simply won’t run. Although that might sound scary, the good thing about alternators is that when they start to go bad, they will let you know with a number of signs that can be used to diagnose precisely what is wrong.