A Back Up Camera System and More – 5 Crucial Add-Ons For Your Vehicle


Many individuals have purchased vehicles in the past five years and have noticed that there are many new vehicle features that have been introduced. Many consumers may want to add these instrumental features to their vehicle but are concerned with the functionality of after market devices. Some of the most popular after market devices are listed below. These devices have proven to be instrumental to the driving experience.

Back-Up Camera System

The backup camera system is one of the most desirable add-ons for consumers after the vehicle is purchased. For safety, a backup camera may be added to the vehicle to avoid accidentally striking a child, dog or other obstruction in the road or driveway. Many consumers have recognized the necessity of adding such a device, especially for sports utility vehicles (SUVs) that have blind spots.

These cameras, in some instances, provide full 180 degree views of the rear of the vehicle. The device is installed on the rear bumper of the vehicle. The viewing display is installed in the vehicle where the driver can easily determine what is in the sites of the camera. Incidentally, the device will also let an individual know if someone is lurking behind their car in the middle of the night. This may deter criminals and attackers also. These devices range in price from $80 to $120.

GPS Navigational Systems

Fuel for vehicles is so expensive these days. Most drivers cannot afford to get lost. GPS navigational systems are essential in helping individuals find their way to their destination. These devices can be installed in vehicles for very little amount of money. The in-dash units may cost as much $450. These units often require professional installation. Many of the units may be installed directly onto the rear view mirror and may combine the backup camera system with the GPS navigational unit.

Some of these units come equipped with remote controls to make it easier to type in the instructions while driving. Many navigational systems will offer voice instructions, as well as, written instructions to the driver to guide them along in the process.

Security Systems

Aftermarket security systems are also popular. Insurance companies provide drivers with discounts who have a viable security system. This is a great reason to invest in a security system. Security systems are capable of speaking to deter individuals from theft, beeping, sending emails to the owner or providing an actual location of the vehicle while the vehicle is in transit with the thief. Vehicle protection also gives the owner the peace of mind that their vehicle is protected and their expenses will remain low. Vehicles may also be monitored via the computer.

iPod or MP3 Players

Individuals often add an iPod or MP3 player to their vehicle after market. There are several ways to include an iPod or MP3 player in the vehicle. An adaptor may be purchased that will attach the iPod to via a cassette player or via a CD player. The adaptors often attach via a 30 pin USB port or through the headphone jack. Alternately, the iPod may be hardwired into the vehicle’s dashboard. This may require a professional for installation. Professional installation may require more money, but most individuals prefer making the investment. This installation will hide any wires that may be present in the in-dash adapter option.

Adding an iPod or MP3 player will save space in the vehicle. Your entire library of CDs may be downloaded onto your iPod player. Many iPod players will hold in excess of 15,000 songs depending upon the storage options. Storage options may be up to 80 GB on some MP3 players.

DVD Players

Individuals may also install a DVD player into the headrest, armrest, in-dash or flip-down from the visor. This may provide hours of entertainment for passengers while long trips or while waiting in traffic. An in-vehicle DVD player may alleviate some of the boredom or provide information while traveling on the road. DVD players may be as low as $80 and up to $180.

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