A Guide On Shopping For An Aftermarket Car Stereo


In the automotive aftermarket, the stereo is one of the most upgraded items in any car. Many
people choose to upgrade the stereo in their car before ungrading anything else. The first
step needed to upgrade a stereo is to replace the head unit or deck. The head unit controls
the entire stereo system and is also the piece that drivers use to control the stereo
system. There are many different accessories that you can add on to any type of head unit
and it is always good to consider each accessory that you are interested in before
purchasing the head unit.

Before considering what type and size stereo you want you will need to find out what size of
stereo your car is capable of using. Some cars can only use a 2×7 size stereo while others
can use a 4×7 stereo. You can take a tape measure and measure the size of your stereo. This
will help you decide which size stereo you can choose from. Once you have decided what size
head unit you would like to upgrade to, you will also have a large variety of other options.
Some of these will include:


If you have selected a head unit that is capable of playing videos, you may have the option
to add a on-screen navigation to the head unit. You may also have the option to purchase a
video deck which has a built-in nagvigation. Installing navigation normally will require a
disk or hard drive and an antenna that will need to be mounted on the outside of the car.
This will help track your position. When planning to add navigation, it will be more
expensive to add a video head unit that allows on-screen navigation. Purchasing a hand-held
navigation will be less expensive.

Video Features

One of the first decisions to make when choosing a head unit is to choose whether you do or
do not want a head unit that can play a video. By making this one decision you will be
narrowing down your choice for the head unit. If you do want to purchase a head unit that
plays videos, there are three different types that you can choose from. These three types
are the flip-out side din, the double din, or the single din that has a tv built in. The
flip out style will have the feature of a 6.5″ or 7″ TV that has either a touch screen or
buttons on the side or bottom. There stereo will come out from the dash and flip up so the
driver is able to see the screen. The double din has the same size features as the flip up
but may have a mixture of buttons. The single din has a built in tv that is typically 2.5″-
4″ that is built into the face.

Ipod and MP3 Player

Just about everyone owns either a Ipod or MP3 player, which is why many people are looking
for a stereo that is compatible for the use of either an Ipod or MP3 player. There are many
ways that this works with an aftermarket stereo. You can purchase a stereo that has a
connection on the back or one that has a auxiliary headphone jack on the front or side. The
connection allows you to pull up the playlist on your radio and does not require for you to
have the Ipod or MP3 player in your hand. You can also purchase a USB connection to play the
Ipod or MP3 player. Some radios have plugs that are located on the back while some have a
jack on the front of the radio. You can upload music on a small drive and take it with you
to plug into the stereo.

These are only a few features that are available to you. There are many other features that
you can purchase for a car stereo. The only thing that you need to do is decide on which
ones you want with your upgraded stereo and do some research to find the right product for
your type of car.

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