Auto Theft Deterrent Systems


The majority of all new autos come with a theft deterrent alarm system of some sort. This system is designed to protect your car from being stolen or vandalized no matter where you go. Although there is no theft deterrent system that is impenetrable, some of the systems available with new vehicles are capable of getting your vehicle back in a few hours when it has been stolen.

There is nothing quite as devastating as returning to the place where you parked your car and finding it gone. Having an auto theft deterrent system can protect your vehicle with an alarm system that creates a deterrent for thieves. Some of the best systems for protecting your car are very expensive but are excellent ways to keep your car save no matter where you go. These systems are installed under the hood of your car and can be very complexly interwoven into your vehicle’s mechanical devices so that if your car is stolen, it can be located quickly by police and confiscated before thieves have a chance to take it to a chop shop.

If you own a vehicle that does not have a theft deterrent system like the expensive ones, there are still many ways that you can protect your auto from being stolen or damaged. Some thieves don’t want to steal your car but they do want to take parts such as air bags, rims, hubcaps, and stereo systems. A basic auto theft deterrent system can be installed on your vehicle starting at around $100. This system will create a loud noise to alert you that your auto is being tampered with.

Moderately priced auto theft deterrent systems can be equipped with a kill switch that prevents your auto from being started without the key so even if your steering column is cracked, the thief will not be able to drive away with your car, which is the bottom line. For just a little more money, you can have an anti-theft car protection system that not only makes a sound and kills the engine but flashes the lights as well. Some of these systems even talk, warning that tampering with the vehicle will cause an alarm to sound.

One of the least expensive ways to protect your auto from being stolen is to purchase a steering wheel lock. These types of locks are made in several different designs and are available at most automotive supply stores and can be quickly fitted and installed around your steering wheel making it impossible to drive the car until it is removed.

No matter what auto theft deterrent system you use, it is important to protect your car from being damaged or stolen with some sort of protection. Having an auto theft deterrent system tells thieves to back off and leave your car. Auto insurance companies usually also give a discount on their policies to those who have some sort of auto theft deterrent system installed on their car.

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