Car Audio Packages From Audiobahn


If you have ever had to shop for speakers and amplifiers in your quest to create the perfect audio system for your car, you may be familiar with what a chore it can be, even if you’re someone who is an expert at electronics and perfectly comfortable with putting a great system together.

However, with the introduction of a new car audio package from Audiobahn, these difficulties are a thing of the past. Audiobahn has an AS69V speaker and an A2002V amplifier package that takes the confusion out of finding a compatible speaker and amplifier match. In fact, this clever idea has made shopping for the right equipment a breeze. Without it, shopping can literally take hours because of the problem of trying to figure out price ranges and compatibility features. Now, in less than ten minutes you can be done with the entire purchase.

The AS69V Speakers

The AS69V speakers are 3-way speakers that can put out about 400 watts of power. The AS69V is part of Audiobahn’s AS series which has earned a reputation for high quality sound. The speakers have a carbon injection cone and run a frequency range between 20 to 25 hertz. Tweeters come with the speakers, and these can be mounted with the speakers or set up separately. If divided, the tweeters offer better dispersion of frequency.

The A2002V Amplifier

The A2002V intake amplifier has two channels and the A/B amplifier can offer the optimum power compatible with the AS69V speaker’s 400 watts of power. Numerous features unique to these amplifiers make it considerably easier to maintain the performance of both the amplifier and the subwoofer. For instance, the digital voltmeter is highly practical as it measures the fluctuating voltage between the amplifier and the car. It’s a safety feature to alert you about any anomalous voltage fluctuations, whose normal range should read between 11.5 to 14.4 volts.

The amplifier features offer enlarged conduction and enhanced connection, secure wire connections, and a fan that prevents overheating.

Enlarged Conduction and Enhanced Connection

The block terminals have an outer layer of nickel to assist conduction and improve connection. This means that the current flows properly and evenly between the connections, and this offers the benefit of better power transference. This arrangement offers the highest level of power efficiency between the amplifier and the speakers.

Secure Wire Connections

The block terminals are enclosed in acrylic. This means that the wires won’t get entangled and there won’t be any short circuits. The power will flow strongly and evenly. The block terminals allow for firm, reliable, and secure wire connections.

Fan Prevents Overheating

Although the installation of a fan is a simple idea, it is nevertheless a brilliant one. Since amplifiers are susceptible to overheating, the Audiobahn designers have installed a fan into the assembly. This is an excellent idea because it gets rid of the possibility of scorching heat destroying the delicate electronic components. Additionally, it circumvents the loss of output quality. There is also an air induction groove which serves to allow cool air into the amplifier. Overall, then, what the fan does is to keep the entire system comparable to temperatures that would be no higher than tolerable in a room.

An Overview of the Car Package from Audiobahn

All things considered, the AS69V speaker and an A2002V amplifier package offers consumers high value for their investment. For one thing, it makes it much easier to be in and out of a store in almost no time at all. There is no need to have long discussions with the sales representatives in a store trying to muddle through a whole complex of price and compatibility issues. For another, the entire assembly, from the speakers to the amplifiers, has been thought out in painstaking details, not only to ensure sound quality and listening enjoyment but also to guarantee sound craftsmanship and product longevity. When you look at the details, there is much to admire in how everything has been put together from marketing to electronic engineering to give the buyer an excellent product.

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