Car Audio Speakers – Upgrade Ideas


A brand new set of stereo speaker is one of the most exciting purchases that can be made by any car owner. Being able to upgrade the sound system and enjoy the kind of music with better clarity and sound is the dream of every driver. This is usually a fairly simple operation if the proper procedures are followed when picking out the right size equipment for the car. It just isn’t a matter of buying larger units to enjoy a better overall sound quality and a stronger output level.

Unfortunately, many consumers fall into this trap because they are under the impression that bigger is better. However, that is not always the case, since it is really the power of the speaker that will determine the rest of the features that are desired. But first the capability of the sound system already installed in the vehicle needs to be examined before deciding to purchase any new equipment. If there is an amplifier present this will make a big difference since more power will be available for this purpose

A lower power speaker system will function nicely, driven by the power of only the car stereo itself. This is great for most drivers who don’t really expect that much out of their car stereo, but for audiophiles, they want something more. In this case, a good choice may be to install a car stereo amplifier which will be able to power a high end speaker system for that in-car experience.

Any aftermarket variety of speakers will be an upgrade to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) models. But it has to be a match in size for the vehicle unless some drastic alterations will be done. This can be easily accomplished in every part of the car that will require an upgrade. The door panels will have to be removed first, and that is accomplished by carefully getting behind the covering and gently popping out the plastic clips that tend to hold these items in place. The diameter and depth of the speaker hole needs to be measured in order to obtain the proper size for the new set. This is very important to acquire the right set because often there isn’t enough room when the wrong size is purchased. This is usually a depth problem, but even this issue has been resolved with the newer varieties being manufactured with a shallower frame to more easily fit.

There are a wide variety of producers of this component, so consumers have their choice of equipment. This means a better selection as well as competitive prices for the new speakers. There are models to fit the door panels, the kick panels, and the rear deck if all of these locations are deemed necessary for an upgrade. It will have an immense effect on the sound quality of the vehicle and drivers will enjoy the enhanced clarity and loudness effects.

This is not the hardest job in the world, and most do-it-yourselfer can easily accomplish this in less than one day. With the right set of instructions and the proper attitude, this whole process is readily accomplished by anyone with the right incentive.

Installing new speakers is one of the best upgrades that a car owner can make for his vehicle. They can provide the type of sound that is usually only enjoyed through a home stereo system. Of course, the real truth is that a lower priced set won’t provide the same quality as a higher end model. So the bargain brand variety won’t sound nearly as good as the top of the line models. A great way to begin the process of selection is online. It is easy to compare different varieties in a short time span and the cost savings is tremendous. Upgrading a speaker system will soon pay for itself in the sound quality that is produced from the radio.

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