Different Types Of Auto Sat Nav Systems


Among the many new innovations that have been developed for the auto industry are the satellite navigation systems that allow drivers to get turn by turn directions from their starting point to the destination of choice. This product can be a part of the automobile when purchased or a third party firm may do the installation instead.

In the first case, it is likely that a customer paid handsomely for this convenience, while in the latter scenario the entire system including the labor was probably roughly 25% of the dealership’s price. The bad part about this whole business is that it has more to do with the image and prestige of the new car more than anything else. A satellite navigation system is one of the most indispensable items that drivers are looking for when selecting a new vehicle, and is also the most preferred after market item to be installed for older cars or ones that it doesn’t come standard with.

It has been proven to be just as effective when put in by a technician at a stereo shop as the dealership mechanics. This is because the experts at a sound shop are specialists in what they do and have learned the ins and outs of performing this procedure, so less time and energy is required to complete the job. This savings is then passed on to the consumer who gets a great deal in the process.

These systems are typically attached to the dash board of the vehicle through the use of rubber cups mounted on the bottom of the unit that help it cling there against gravity. These models are preferred by many drivers who don’t want to have any more openings cut into their instrument display, and it also helps to keep the costs down as well.

A Satellite navigation system comes in a wide variety of types, each one with a unique set of features, so there is sure to be one perfect for almost any driving situation. Each locale will need a specific set of maps, so somebody owning a boat will want to purchase a complete system for the waterways, while on land a whole different series of guides will be included.

These also break down into further subcategories, since on terra firma; there can also be many types of terrains to be navigated as well. However, there are three main types that need to be considered first before narrowing down the unit of choice. They are the hand-held units, the pre-installed models that come with a vehicle purchase, and another kind that will be integrated into the software of a mobile device.

Probably the most popular models are the ones that are purchased already installed into the new car. There are a number of features already built into these units, including a turn by turn set of instructions for almost any destination, landmarks for nearly every major highway and thoroughfare around, and the ability to remember any routes that were taken in the past.

The problem with the hand-held systems is that they need more attention from the user and occasionally need to be upgraded manually as well. In addition, the display can be hard to read because of its size, and many of these units only have voice style directions. But then some only have picture style directions. This is still better than trying to find a location when the local surrounds are not at all familiar to the driver and his passengers. This last type is great if the navigation system can be hooked up the laptop and the two devices are then synced together.

A satellite navigation system can be one of the best things any driver can purchase — especially if they are bad at directions. This makes for a great alternative and can also help to avoid nasty traffic jams and other obstacles through this most convenient unit.

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