Get Plugged in with a Car MP3 Player


MP3 players are the wave of the future. These space saving electronic devices provide superior sound quality to CD players. CDs take up space in the vehicle. The owner must worry about the CDs getting stolen. Furthermore, CDs often skip and have inferior sound quality to MP3 players. Now, the owner can simply remove the MP3 player from the car and instantly their music and sound system are protected from thieves. An MP3 player will fit in a pocket or a purse easily. Therefore, you no longer have to be concerned about your entire CD collection being stolen from your car or ruined from the elements.

Installing a MP3 in your vehicle is easy. Consumers must find adapters that will work with the existing equipment in the vehicle. There are several options for installation. Some users opt to have a MP3 factory installed into their vehicle. However, this is a costly option and requires a qualified technician. The least expensive option is to self-install a portable MP3 player in your vehicle. Many users may purchase a vehicle adapter that will either work in conjunction with the pre-installed cassette player or CD player. These adapter units are typically between $30 and $100 depending upon the level of sound quality required. The adapter typically works through the headphone jack or through the USB port located on the MP3 player. Instantly, the user will be ready to use their pre-existing MP3 player in their vehicle. The user may purchase a MP3 player of their choice with a variety of storage options.

MP3 comes in storage options of 40 GB, 60 GB or 80 GB. The storage options may be as little as 8 GB as well. Your choice of MP3 player will depend on the number of CDs you have to download into the MP3 player. An example of an MP3 player would be Apple’s iPod. This company offers the iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle and iPod Touch. Each of these MP3 players has different storage capacities and different features available. Some of Apple’s iPods have the option of viewing cover art on the MP3 player through software called CoverFlow. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about losing the visual presentation available on the CD cover by using an MP3 player.

Some consumers opt to install an adapter directly into the car stereo unit. This option requires removing the cover of the stereo unit and installing the adapter cable behind the dashboard. While a lay person may be able to install the cable themselves with instructions, most individuals would prefer to seek the help of a technician. The installation cost should be minimal depending upon the technician. This option will allow the individual to control their music from an in-dash unit.

If you decide to hire a technician for the adapter installation, you may consider installing a new unit that supports MP3 players. Kenwood’s EZ500 and Sony’s Xplod CDX F5710 are two options of stereo systems that include MP3 players. Of course, this will most likely require professional installation. Some users opt to have a MP3 player unit installed in their trunk. PhatNoise PhatBox Digital Music Player may be installed in the trunk of the vehicle. These units consist of 40 GB, 60 GB or 80 GB portable music cartridges that may be inserted into your computer to download music. The music selections may then be uploaded to your vehicle and sorted by artist or genre. This is a flexible solution for individuals who do not have an MP3 player installed in their vehicle.

Most individuals will also install a bracket in their vehicle to hold the current MP3 player if they do not install a new unit in the vehicle. This cradle usually costs about $20. The cradle may be mounted to the front windshield or dashboard. The cradle provides greater accessibility while driving. Some consumers may also install a remote to accompany their MP3 players. This eliminates the need to remove your eyes from the road while selecting a new song.

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