How to Choose the Best Car Tweeters


Car speakers are now readily available through a number of outlets, and third party manufacturers have been gaining a major foothold in this market. This is especially important when purchasing a new set of car speakers, since the design and model may not be conducive to the stereo that is installed.

Coaxial car speakers are one of the most popular models among car buffs since they have a dual range of sounds already built in. This includes a woofer for low high end, and a mid range that is capable of producing a higher tone. The Coaxial or coax can be purchased in different configurations which are dependant on the number of tweeters that are installed in the system. The first and most elementary type of coax speakers are usually found in older cars or as a cheaper third party addition, and include one mid-range and one woofer to produce the deep bass and mid range tones. Higher end models or those in late model cars will contain at least one tweeter which is capable of reproducing the higher frequency tones. So the tweeter is probably the most important aspect in purchasing coaxial speaker systems of any type, and will help give the music a clean sound. As more tweeters are added to the system, the sound has more clarity and the music will have more small details added to it. Thus a system with only one tweeter would be a two way coaxial speaker, while a three way system would have two tweeters built in.

Tweeters are thus the most important aspect when searching for a clear, rich tone for an automobile stereo speaker package. There are now six piece systems now being advertised in the newest automobiles and these include 2 tweeters and 4 mid range woofers. While the sound may be decent, a real six way would include five tweeter units since this would produce music of exceptional clarity and brilliance.

There are also tweeters contained in what is called a component speaker system. But the tweeter in this arrangement is not completely integrated with the other pieces, but is separated with cross over filters to add to the richness of the sound. These filters help to send the proper sounds to those speakers that they were designed for when the music was originally recorded. So the tweeters will only receive the high pitched frequencies which they were designed to handle, while leaving the other sounds for the lower range components. In this fashion, distortion is minimized and the sound quality is maximized because each component is doing only what it is supposed to do.

This is one of the reasons that a component speaker system is more expensive when compared to a coaxial model of the same type. However, for audio mavens, this extra cost is more than made up for with the exception clarity and richness of the music. Typically a three way component speaker system with the right tweeters will produce a most satisfying sound. Not all of the new car model come with cross over filters that will have the proper tweeters installed as part of the package.

This is something to evaluate before purchase, because it is not necessary to pay for a component system that isn’t up to par. A good tweeter will be made of high quality materials, and not cheaper substances like cloth or paper, to ensure a longer lifetime. This is not the only thing that will affect the sound quality produced from this high end component. Tweeters can significantly alter the sound quality of any speaker system if the wrong types are installed or they are used incorrectly.

If the right components are surrounding these most important frequency reproductive units, the sound system will produce a most pleasing sound that all drivers will enjoy. The right set of tweeters can make or break a car stereo system so it is important to choose the right set the first time.

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