My Plug in Baby – Plug in Car Audio iPod Solutions


Most individuals with vehicles today prefer an iPod or MP3 player for their music listening pleasure. iPods are more convenient and the sound quality is better than cassette or CD player. There are several options for car adapters for the iPod player. Several options for car stereo adapters will be explored in this article.

Portable Adapters

Portable adapters can be quickly connected to the existing stereo equipment hardware. These adaptors allow the iPod to be transferred between vehicles. In most instances, the sound quality is fairly good. Occasionally, there will be interference with some portable devices from the FM transmitter. However, this is rare. Some of the portable adapter options are listed below:

Jensen ME offers a car adapter that inserts into the cassette player of the vehicle. The other end inserts into the head phone jack of the iPod. The user may enjoy hours of listening pleasure from their iPod. However, the iPod cannot be controlled from the audio unit. The iPod can only be controlled from its original display. The device is typically available for under $30.

Griffin Technology also offers an adapter for the iPhone. This particular device plugs into the 30 pin USB connector on the iPod. The opposing end plugs into the charging mechanism of the vehicle. Individuals may hear their tunes while charging their iPod unit in the vehicle. This particular device may be purchased for $70 or more online or in stores. This particular device is also available in wireless format.

Pioneer produces an adaptor for an Apple iPod that connects via a 30 pin connector. The adapter is compatible with Pioneer in-dash decks. The iPod will also charge the iPod while it is connected. Many of these adapters also have a one year warranty. This adapter is available for around $20.

Kenwood also produces an adapter with multiple ways to connect the device to an in-dash Kenwood stereo. The device may connect via USB device or headphone jack. This particular device works with the latest versions of the iPod Classic, iPod Touch and most versions of the iPod Nano.

iSimple produces an entire Apple iPod kit that is compatible with Acura, Honda, Lexus, Scion, Toyota and others. Users of the iSimple may be able to view their playlist, album, artist, genre and composer information through the LCD screen on the vehicle’s in-dash controls. Each of the connecting cables are coated with Mylar foil cable shielding to improve the signal transfer. Users may still control their music selections via your iPod Click Wheel. This type of device is more advanced and usually requires professional installation. This device costs as much as $130.

The types of devices are numerous and plentiful. Consumers may simply perform a search online and determine the options available beyond the options mentioned above. Best Buy offers numerous iPod adapter options. Other choices are also available online. A range of prices are available for consumers who are seeking an adapter option for their iPod. Playing music on the iPod is preferable to most individuals. No longer will you have to carry around all of your CDs. Now, you will have access to all your music in a light weight device that will fit compactly in your vehicle, in your purse or in your pocket.

Hardwired Connectors

For individuals who desire to have a more integrated solution, hardwired connectors are available. This method requires a professional, but will yield better sound production. No wires will be exposed though this method. This method is preferred by most individuals, but it is usually more expensive. Individuals may install a hardwire connector through the factory or it may be installed by an after-market technician. This method is also preferred because menus may be controlled through the factory installed stereo. Remote controls may also be installed or hardwired to a convenient place inside the person’s vehicle.

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