Playing iPod Through Your Car Stereo


As technology continues advancing at a rapid pace, it has crept into every possible niche in society. This now includes music and the ability to play tunes on small portable devices has made many a listener very happy. The most popular model is called the iPod, and this small option can now be played through car speakers with a simple hook up. This is the dream of most music lovers who want to take their favorite tunes on the road.

This will allow users to employ the much better sound system of their automobile which won’t require a set of headphones (and probably avoid a ticket), but will most likely improve the quality of the music played since digital tracks on the iPod will be a great deal enhanced when compared to the cassette tapes. The iPod itself offers user a much richer experience since music can be downloaded from many different sites on the Internet, giving fans a great chance to get some of their favorite songs all on one small portable device.

When hooking up the iPod to a car stereo, there are many different methods, because the various manufacturers may or may not have included this type of variance in their initial design. Some of the units have a jack that is already earmarked for an iPod device, and the individual only has to hook up one cable in order to enjoy their favorite tunes. This is easily accomplished by checking the instruction manual that is included with the system or simply checking the face of the unit to see if there is a label. An iPod can be controlled directly through the car stereo’s hardware and will even recharge itself as it is playing music. Another method uses the auxiliary jack that is commonly seen on most of the newer car stereos.

For new car buyers, it is a good idea to check out whether this item has already been installed with the car stereo that comes with the vehicle; otherwise a modification may end up being quite costly. A great deal of companies already have this jack as standard equipment, and some of these are: Ford, GM, Honda, and BMW. But for those consumers who have already purchased the car, but don’t have an input jack, there is an alternative. A new system can be purchased that will be compatible with the iPod device.

But these can be costly and if there isn’t money in the budget for a new car stereo, an alternative method has to be found.

The best way involves a cable running from the stereo unit to the iPod itself in order to get the most benefit from both devices. An auxiliary jack is typically used to run a connection from the iPod (using the earphone jack or the connection to the dock) to the car stereo. There are other methods that use the CD changer port which is included on many models. The iPod can be accentuated with a mounting kit to allow for hands free use.

Another relatively simple option is a cassette adaptor which will simply slide into the tape opening. The other end will plug directly into the iPod, and transfers the signal through the read head of the car’s cassette unit. The user simply has to choose the cassette option and press play to hear his music through the car speakers.

The final option is to try an FM transmitter. The nice part about this system is that it is highly portable and uses no wires to tangle up in the car. However, there is a noticeable loss of quality in the music, and occasionally there may be a problem with finding an idle FM channel on which to broadcast.

But any of these methods can be used to hook up the iPod to the car’s stereo system. This can make the driving experience that much better, and cruising the town is always better with the best music.

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