Should You Get Cheap Car Amps Or Expensive Ones?


Any car audio enthusiast is well aware of the fact that the amount of money they can spend is virtually limitless, and expensive components can be very tempting to purchase. However, it is not always beneficial to spend more money on certain parts of any custom audio system, and a consumer should pay attention to several factors that will help them decide if they should get cheap car amps or the most expensive ones. Although the budget and buying power of every single consumer is bound to be different, the following guide will help establish some key points that should be considered before making any purchasing decisions associated with amplifiers.

The most expensive car amp available on the market today is not going to be able to deliver a high quality sound unless it is matched to equally capable speakers, so an individual really needs to look at the whole picture before making any decisions. If the idea is to gradually build a system that is of the highest quality, it may be a better idea to go ahead and start with the speakers before the amp. A cheap car amp is not going to hurt speakers that can easily handle the power that it is pushing, but an expensive and powerful amplifier is much more likely to cause undue stress on and possibly even blow out lower level speakers and subwoofers. The good news is that first installing speakers and then gradually upgrading to a larger and more expensive amp will actually deliver more of a difference in sound than doing the exact process in a backwards manner. Unless a person is going to spend the money all at once and perform a complete installation, it is often better to start with a cheap car amplifier or none at all.

Investing a great deal of money in a car audio system prior to making sure that the vehicle is as secure as possible is not only a bad idea, but it is simply asking for trouble. Thieves are going to be a whole lot more motivated to break into a vehicle and steal an expensive component than they are if they realize the product is not very difficult to obtain. Because of this simple concept, audiophiles should be very careful about what stickers they place on their car. Advertising the presence of expensive parts is only going to attract prospective thieves, and going undercover is perhaps the best way to safeguard components. If there is any chance of a vehicle being broken into or stolen, it may be a better idea to stick to the cheaper car amps to begin with. A powerful security system could be the best way to safeguard a vehicle and the costly audio components that are stored inside.

For an individual that is not looking to compete and just wants more out of their factory radio system, a cheap car amplifier will more than deliver enough to satisfy their desires. Spending a great deal of money on a more expensive car amp is not going to appeal to an individual that is solely interested in slightly deeper or louder bass notes. An expensive car amplifier should be seen as an item to purchase either for sound competitions, or reserved as a product that is bought mostly by serious car enthusiasts. Anyone that is looking more for their own personal satisfaction will most likely be happier with saving the money and enjoying a less expensive amp.

Only a consumer can decide how much money they want to invest in their car audio system, but learning more about the various components and how they work is often enough to entice most individuals to save the money. Individuals should beware that most audio stores are simply trying to sell the most expensive equipment in order to make the highest commissions or profits possible, but the lower level car amplifiers are often able to accommodate the needs of the average consumer.

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