Some Simple Steps for CB Radio Beginners


If you are installing a CB Radio in your personal or work vehicle there are some simple tips to help it perform its best after installation. First off it’s not a good idea to have dual CB antennas on the vehicle if there is not enough room to keep them at least 100 inches apart. A single CB antenna work far better than dual antennas that are too close to each other. Having too much coaxial cable between the CB radio and the antennas will affect the performance of the radio as well. Most CB radio antenna kits come with very long coaxial cables so you may need to buy a splicing kit and cut the cable down to the right length. Make sure to add a fuse able link in the wiring to avoid damaging the wiring if over heating or an exposed wire touches a grounded surface. When the CB radio is installed check it for power. Wiring it to the ignitions accessory harness will shut power of to the CB radio when the ignition is turned off keeping the radio from draining the battery when left on.

After the CB radio has been installed it is time to give it a try. There are basic adjustments you will need to learn for making the CB sound good to others and be able to receive what other people are telling you. Turn the CB on and turn the squelch nob counter clockwise. You will be getting a lot of static and you can now slowly turn the squelch clockwise until the static is gone. Select channel 19 and ask for a radio check. If the CB radio was installed properly and there is another CB user in range you should get a response telling you that are being heard. Channel 19 is the most popular channel for the trucking industry and is usually very busy. If you are talking to a buddy the two of you may want to agree on a different channel to visit on. Channel nine is off limits for this, because channel 9 is considered the emergency channel and is monitored by police and emergency personnel to learn of any events on the road that they may need to respond to. As you use the radio more you will need to learn the other controls such as the mic gain, and other power buttons. These buttons will be helpful when trying to talk to other CB radios that are long distances away.

Please be respectful to others trying to use the radio. Some of the other users may be trying to pass on important information about road conditions or other hazards in the area and should not be interrupted.

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