Too Much Volume From Your Car Audio System Can Cause Hearing Loss


In this day and age, few people could picture driving a car without some kind of music playing. Not only does it set a mood, but it helps long trips go by faster, as well. However, it is very important that any music playing is not too loud. Why? Because it could be bad for your hearing.

Signs That the Music Is Too Loud

-In order to hear a conversation in the car, both parties must scream their words.

-The above is necessary even if the person is a foot or two away from you.

-Even after the sound has stopped, you hear a prolonged ringing in your ears, also known as tinnitus.

Many people do not believe that listening to their favorite songs at a high volume is bad. Chances are you have heard them driving down the road, their stereo turned up so high that it makes every object in its path vibrate. Even if they simply wish to share what they like with everyone else, this can be a disturbance, and cause unfavorable and notable health issues on top of it, as discussed above. But what should you look out for? What are the signs that loud music in the car has damaged your body?

1. You are unable to sleep, even if the music stopped playing a long time ago.

2. A baby is born prematurely; this can occur because the loud music somehow disturbed the development process inside the womb.

3. If you have been drinking or doing drugs, they will have a greater impact on you than should be normal – at least in your case.

4. You have trouble digesting food.

5. Listening to other people becomes more and more difficult, even when no music is playing. Because of your struggles, you could become angry.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

-Turn down the volume. Your drive to work or school will not be ruined simply because the radio is not at full blast. Keep it at an appropriate and comfortable level.

-Have your hearing checked by a reputable doctor. They will be able to tell if something is wrong, even if you do not see it yourself. Go through the warning signs list with them, no matter what the diagnosis from your appointment, and become educated on the subject.

-When not in your own car, make sure that the driver knows about the dangers of loud music, and ensure that they take the right steps.

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