What is a Dual Zone Car DVD Player?


DVD players installed in cars have become increasingly common in recent years. A DVD player can keep children (or any other restless passengers) occupied for hours on long car trips or excursions. The entertainment that these DVD players provide to passengers gives drivers enormous relief, allowing them to focus on the road instead of the antsy kids in the back seat.

However, in-car entertainment technology is not only about fun and games. Modern in-car technological systems have been elevated to new heights with features such as dual zone car DVD players. A dual zone car DVD player is not just a DVD player. Rather, these systems act as multiple tools, functioning as both a DVD player and a GPS system. Best of all, unlike single zone DVD players which can only perform one function at a time, dual zone DVD players can act as both tools at the same time. One can play an engrossing movie for the kids to watch in the back seat, while a passenger in the front navigates to the car’s destination using the GPS system.

In modern society, a GPS system is practically necessary for any type of lengthy travel. These handy, satellite-based devices have made maps nearly obsolete, as they provide clear instruction and ease of navigation on any trip. Additionally, GPS systems that have been directly installed into one’s car are superior to hand-held devices, as they can typically foster more power and speed than their smaller counterparts. However, many families, especially those with small children, consider an in-car DVD player to be just as important as a GPS system. Kids are astoundingly more patient and well-behaved when given entertainment on a long car ride, and the perfect way to provide this entertainment is with a movie or recorded television show. Previously, only single zone car DVD players were available. This meant that every time a GPS system had to be used to check a travel route, the kids’ show or movie was interrupted, yielding cranky kids and frustrated parents. The dual zone car DVD player has solved this issue and enabled kids and parents to use their in-car technology simultaneously.

Unfortunately, many families have chosen not to install a dual zone car DVD player in their vehicles due to this device’s price. In-car entertainment systems have a reputation for being horrendously overpriced and unaffordable for the average family. However, with new advances in entertainment technology, this is no longer true. Whereas in the past a dual zone car DVD player would have cost roughly one thousand dollars, today they can be purchased for less than three hundred dollars at some online retailers. If one considers the combined cost of buying an individual hand-held GPS system, a DVD player, and a television screen, it becomes obvious that the price of a dual zone car DVD player is remarkably inexpensive. Many new cars come with these dual zone car DVD systems already installed for an even lower price.

Although there are still some brands of in-car entertainment and GPS navigation systems that will charge a premium for their devices, one can achieve an excellent deal on these systems if he or she is careful when searching for the right device to buy. All that one has to do is compare the prices and values of such system with an online search engine before making any purchases. To achieve an even better deal, one can check online auction pages or other websites to see if there are any used dual zone car DVD systems for sale. As long as the seller is reputable and the system is guaranteed to be in good working condition, there should be no worries with such a transaction.

Dual zone car DVD players provide the perfect mix of back seat entertainment and front seat functionality. Any driver would benefit from having one of these systems installed in their car.

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