What’s the Meaning of Dual Zone Function For a Car DVD?


There’s a new car audio craze in town and everyday more and more people are asking, what’s the meaning of dual zone function for a car DVD? Dual-zone or even multi-zone car audio is a sophisticated system that compartmentalizes the sound experience within an automobile. This is based on the same multi-zone technology used to power multi-zone audio systems.

So, what’s the meaning of dual zone function for a car DVD, or what does dual zone function have to do with multi-zone home theater systems. For the home theater, a multi-zone receiver is much like a traditional receiver except it has the added functionality of being able to send source sound to different locations within the home.

Is that additional functionality actually useful, or, in other words, what’s the meaning of dual zone function for a car DVD? Simply put, absolutely. Our home entertainment systems are growing increasingly complex and the line between home computer network and entertainment center are blurring. By employing a multi-zone system, we can consolidate all of our equipment and software into a central location that can power the entire home.

Now that we have an understanding of multi-zone home theater systems, let’s turn our attention back to the question, what’s the meaning of dual zone function for a car DVD? A dual zone unit in a vehicle’s audio system works much the same as a multi-zone home theatre receiver. In a basic setup, the radio/CD/MP3 system will connect to it, the DVD entertainment system will connect to it, and the GPS/DVD navigation system will connect to it.

All of those devices and others connected through auxiliary jacks, such as iPods, are now available to all of the zones within the vehicle. Consider a common scenario. Mom and Dad are in the front seats listening to their music as well as the voice commands from the GPS unit. The two kids are in the rear seat watching and listening to Shrek. Generally, we have to use headphones to take advantage of the dual-zone system. Even the largest vehicles are not large enough to separate competing audio systems.

Now you have a clear idea of what’s the meaning of dual zone function for a car DVD. However, keep in mind that you are not limited to dual zones. In a basic dual zone system, the primary zone has the control panel while the secondary zone is relatively “dumb”, meaning that it’s hard connected to one or two sources. This configuration is common in the standard equipment of minivans. The front zone has a complete control panel, and the second zone outputs DVD audio with a simple switch that allows it to access the radio audio.

Multi-zone audio systems are usually aftermarket installed but are available as equipment in luxury vehicles, especially large luxury trucks. The secondary and additional zones can have a more sophisticated control panel. Consider a luxury SUV with third-row seating, headrest-mounted monitors, two DVD players and satellite television in addition to audio/CD/MP3 and the GPS/DVD navigation system.

In this relatively complex environment, we need an equally complex system. At the very least, we will need a front-seat control panel and the second- and third-row controls. Since we have four separate screens, most people will want four separate controls, which amount to at least five control panels.

Now consider that long drive to visit relatives. Dad and Mon are up front listening to talk radio and the voice commands of the DVD navigation system. One DVD player is playing Shrek while the other is playing the hottest skateboard video. The two youngest are in the second row. One is watching Shrek, the other an X-Men cartoon. The two near-teens are in the third row. The boy watches the skate video. The girl listens to her own personal playlist through an iPod she has connected to the system.

What’s the meaning of dual zone function for a car DVD? The answer is leading edge technology that will soon be standard equipment in every car and truck that rolls off the assembly line. It allows us to divide the listening experience in way that allows everyone to enjoy it. The days of fighting with the kids over the radio are long gone.

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