Guide to Installing an In Dash Audio Unit

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For the audio enthusiast car owner looking to install an in dash audio unit in your car instead of that frantic mess of confusing wires and connectors – be organized by following some easy guidelines.
Here’s a simple procedure to make that installation lot less hassle!

Car Backup Camera Buying Guide

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As more cars have in-dash video screens integrated into them, more and more cars feature backup camera systems to aid in driving in reverse and for safety. Even if a car does not include a camera, the vehicle can still be retrofitted with a backup camera system. The principle behind car backup camera systems is quite simple. A camera is mounted to the back center of the car usually above the license plate or rear insignia. The camera then automatically sends data to the in-dash video screen, allowing the driver to have instant feedback when driving in reverse. When shopping for a backup camera system, there are a few things to check in order to have the maximum safety and quality in a camera.

Car DVD Player Mysteries – The Difference Between 2 DIN and 1 DIN

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There are more and more people interested in having a DVD player in their car. This is mostly a ploy to keep the kids occupied, but it is also nice to know you can pull over and watch a movie with the family any time you want. A car DVD player comes in especially handy on camping trips, but while these all may be good reasons to have a DVD player installed in your vehicle, how do you know which one is the best for your car? One of the keys is in what is known as DIN.

How to Buy a Car DVD Player

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In recent years with the prices of airline tickets growing at astronomical rates, many families are choosing to drive rather than fly to save money. While road trips can be fun and offer families a chance to bond, taking a trip with kids in a confined area for several hours at a time can leave parents feeling like they need another vacation once the trip is over. One way to keep the kids and other passengers entertained during a long drive is to install a car DVD player. In recent years, many new SUVs and vans have been outfitted with DVD and video systems that can be used for both entertainment and for safety.

What’s the Meaning of Dual Zone Function For a Car DVD?

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There’s a new car audio craze in town and everyday more and more people are asking, what’s the meaning of dual zone function for a car DVD? Dual-zone or even multi-zone car audio is a sophisticated system that compartmentalizes the sound experience within an automobile. This is based on the same multi-zone technology used to power multi-zone audio systems.