Top DVDs to Entertain the Family in the Car

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Children may find long car trips boring. Finding the top DVDs to entertain the family in the car is one way to keep children amused. DVDs can also be viewed during car trips that turn out to be longer than expected. This type of car trip would include driving during rush hour traffic and getting caught in traffic jams.
Selecting DVDs for the family may require some research. The DVDs that are selected for everyone to watch should be ones suitable for the entire family that everyone will enjoy.

Car Audio Packages From Audiobahn

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If you have ever had to shop for speakers and amplifiers in your quest to create the perfect audio system for your car, you may be familiar with what a chore it can be, even if you’re someone who is an expert at electronics and perfectly comfortable with putting a great system together.

The iPod Music System Now in Your Car

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If you’re a music lover who is also enthralled by the latest in technological innovations, an iPod is not a luxury item but a necessity. You probably use it every day and carry it around with you wherever you go. When asked about its benefits, it is easy for you to recall statistical information like its 160 GB of storage, which translates to 25,000 photographs, 200 hours of video entertainment, and an astonishing storage capacity of 40,000 songs.

Double DIN Car Stereo – A Few Tips Before Buying

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Double Din car stereos offer consumers a whole range of different options. In fact, these units offer such a large array of options that it can become quite confusing for someone who is looking for the best unit for their personal needs. The average consumer needs not be overwhelmed by the possibilities, however. There are a few standard features that should be considered before purchasing one of these units and that is what we will be covering today.

Building a speaker box

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It is relatively simple, with a few carpentry tools and supplies, to build your own speaker box to fit in your vehicle. There are a few things to take into consideration before starting such as the space available inside the vehicle (this will determine the size of the speaker you will want to install) and your budget. The most effective building material is 3/4” high density particle board. This is what most speaker box retailers use when constructing standard speaker boxes.