My Plug in Baby – Plug in Car Audio iPod Solutions

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Most individuals with vehicles today prefer an iPod or MP3 player for their music listening pleasure. iPods are more convenient and the sound quality is better than cassette or CD player. There are several options for car adapters for the iPod player. Several options for car stereo adapters will be explored in this article.

Some Simple Steps for CB Radio Beginners

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If you are installing a CB Radio in your personal or work vehicle there are some simple tips to help it perform its best after installation. First off it’s not a good idea to have dual CB antennas on the vehicle if there is not enough room to keep them at least 100 inches apart. A single CB antenna work far better than dual antennas that are too close to each other. Having too much coaxial cable between the CB radio and the antennas will affect the performance of the radio as well. Most CB radio antenna kits come with very long coaxial cables so you may need to buy a splicing kit and cut the cable down to the right length. Make sure to add a fuse able link in the wiring to avoid damaging the wiring if over heating or an exposed wire touches a grounded surface. When the CB radio is installed check it for power. Wiring it to the ignitions accessory harness will shut power of to the CB radio when the ignition is turned off keeping the radio from draining the battery when left on.

How to Connect and Play an iPod in Your Car Using a 3.5 mm Jack to Jack Connection

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Mp3 players like the iPod have truly changed the way we think about portable music. No longer is it necessary to bring cases full of CDs around town, cluttering up the backseat of your car. With an mp3 hookup, you can have hundreds of albums and thousands of songs at your fingertips throughout the day. While there are many ways to connect your iPod to your car stereo, there is no better method than using a 3.5 mm jack to jack connection. Let’s talk about why this is the case.

Navigation System

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Navigation systems is one of the most appreciated car accessories in recent years. The GPS navigation allows a person to type in the address of the place that they wish to go and to be directed step by step by the device on how to get to your desired locations. Navigation systems estimate how long it will take you to arrive to you destination, recalculates when you make a wrong turn to get you back in the right direction, and it always sends you on the quickest route to reach your destination safely. If you are going on a vacation and don’t know where your going, just want to explore the local area without getting lost, or if you have a job interview in a town that your not familiar with, then a navigation system would be the perfect device to lead you to your desired location with accuracy.

How to Improve Your Car Stereo on a Budget

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Car stereos are a dime a dozen these days, and audiophiles looking to upgrade the system in their cars most likely know what kind of system they are looking for, and the budgetary amount that is allotted for this purchase. These are the two main starting points In the search for how to improve their sound system.