Car Washing and Interior Cleaning Basics

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It makes sense to save some money, and also take care of your automobile by washing it yourself. Here are some tips on washing that will help keep your car cleaner and looking better, and even preserve the paint finish longer.

Car Housekeeping – Interior Cleaning

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Maintaining your car not only includes the mechanical part of it, but also car housekeeping, cleaning the interior so will it last longer. Not only will it look and smell better, but also it will be an important issue when you decided to sell it or trade it in.

Learn More About Carnauba Wax

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Those who consider themselves to be car enthusiasts or collectors usually have a container of carnauba wax in their garage because they appreciate the way this type of wax gives their car a deep, radiant brilliance. Instead of making a paint job shinier, carnauba wax will cause the paint to seemingly transform into a shimmery pool of color that displays different hues as the sunlight hits.

Top Tips On How To Get The Best Shine From Your Car

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There is no better feeling than admiring that new car shine on a new automobile purchase. It takes quite a bit of effort and the right kind of product to achieve this effect. But with the thousands of treatments available, how does a driver know which one to choose?

Quick and Easy Steps to Clean Your Engine

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Keeping your car’s engine clean can have beneficial long term effects on its performance. The flowing are some quick and easy steps to clan your engine:
Warm up Engine
The first thing to do is warn up the engine. Let it run for about 5 minutes. This helps loosen up grease and dirt. This is best done outdoors so that the fumes can dissipate. Don’t leave your car running in a closed garage for long. Even a small amount of fumes adding up can be unhealthy to breathe.