Common Things People Do That Can Ruin Their Car

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Many people do things that can ruin their car without even realizing that they may be causing damage to various components and shortening the life of the vehicle. Here are some common things that people do, which can result in a ruined car.

Automotive Lift Basic Safety Rules

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By allowing you to access the underside of a car, an automotive lift allows for you to accomplish more work in less time when you are performing maintenance or repairing a car. This makes them an essential part of your garage supply. For one thing, it makes it much more simple to remove the drain plug when you are changing the oil in your car. If you did not have a car lift, you would be required to use a hydraulic car jack in order to raise the front end of the car and you would then need to place to axle stands underneath it in order to keep it from falling on top of you while you work. All of these pieces of equipment would need to be put in place before you would be able to drain the oil on the car.

How to Safely Use Car Trolley Jacks

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Car trolley jacks are used to lift your vehicle to access the engine or any part under your car. They are especially useful for mechanical jobs that can be done at home, such as changing the oil or struts. Car trolley jacks usually come with a pump lever to raise the supporting base of the jack. They come in either manual or hydraulic types for heavier vehicles; even though they come equipped with wheels for increased mobility, they have still been proven to be steady enough to support a vehicle. Although car trolley jacks are a bit different from other types of jacks on the market, one aspect that remains unchanged are the safety precautions that must be followed to ensure a safe and successful job.

Cleaning your air filter

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Think of your engine as an air pump; the more air it can collect and release, the more efficiently the engine will run. Your air filter is an important element in keeping your engine running efficient and strong….not to mention getting the most out of gas mileage. Air filters are simple; they collect debris and contaminants in the air so they don’ get to where they can do damage. It is important that you replace or clean(for reusable filters) at regular intervals. The most common type of filer is a disposable one that you can purchase from your local store. Installation is very simple. You simply open your air filter housing (refer to your cars owners manual), take the old one out, and pop the new one in and you are ready to go. If you want to go another route, and one that could save you some money, you can purchase a reusable filter (think K&N for the most common example). These are great because all you have to do is clean them at the recommended intervals and they usually collect more debris and dust than a disposable filter. The cleaning product you use is usually included with the filter and is good for several cleanings. After that, all you have to do is by the cleaning kit, which is generally inexpensive. The cleaning process for the reusable filters does take a little longer, but. You run tap water through the filter until the large chunks of debris are gone. After it drys, all you have to do is coat the filter with the included products, let it dry, and then install in the filter housing (again, refer to your users manual). Always make sure the filter is totally dry when you reinstall it, as the cleaner can cause problems with the Mass airflow sensor, and that is always a headache.

Axle Stands – A Buyers Guide

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If you are working with vehicles on a regular basis than axle stands are an invaluable resource that you need to have in order to get your repair jobs done quickly and efficiently. Every year, injuries and even deaths occur because people are not using the correct equipment in order to lift their cars away from the ground in order to perform maintenance. The results of using the wrong equipment should be avoided at all costs. Axle stands are not very expensive pieces of equipment to buy, and are even less expensive when you consider that they may save your life. If you do not already have a set of axle stands, you should set out to buy some before trying to perform any maintenance on your car that requires you to reach the undercarriage.