Buying a Used Car- Knowing What to Look for

Considering the expense of new vehicles, picking up a used car can be a fantastic way to save money. Unfortunately, it is also a good way to get ripped off by unscrupulous dealers and private owners. With all the tricks involved in selling a used car, it can sometimes be almost impossible to know for sure what type of vehicle that you are getting. Fortunately, there is a long list of techniques that you can utilize in order to ensure that you are getting every bit of car that you pay for. In many cases, the effort to purchase a used car can result in all manner of difficulties that you might not have anticipated. With so much to know about used cars, many individuals get home and find out that the vehicle they purchased is not nearly as well maintained as they were led to believe. Considering how many unscrupulous individuals are in the world, it is not surprising to see so many used automobiles sold to unsuspecting buyers who quickly find out that they are unsuitable for practical use.

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Buying a Fleet of Automobiles-Go with What You Know

Anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle generally looks for all manner of different types of qualities such as speed, acceleration and mileage. While these are all good things to look at, most experienced car owners will tell you that the best practice is to purchase a vehicle that is identical or at least very similar to other vehicles that you own. In this way, you will have a vehicle that you were extremely familiar with and you can even swap parts between them should it become necessary. While this might seem a strange practice, it is certainly very effective and can allow you to maintain a tremendous level of experience with the type of automobile that you purchase. While you can’t always have the exact same model, purchasing a vehicle as similar to the vehicle that you already own as possible can make all the difference in the world and allow you to build up a level of experience with repairs as well as other qualities of the vehicle that make it easier to deal with the multiple vehicles. With this type of experience, you can quickly learn much about the vehicle that otherwise might have been unknown to you if you were to purchase a different type of vehicle.

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Automobile Care-Improving Gas Mileage

Considering the cost of fuel in the modern day, it only makes sense to take the time to make every possible effort and avoid using too much fuel. While it is very likely that you have already heard all of the advice about keeping a specific tire pressure and keeping a tuneup on your car, the truth is, the best way to conserve fuel is by improving your driving habits. Naturally, many individuals will fight against the idea of driving slower. But by slowing down, you can improve your fuel mileage by a tremendous amount. Experts agree that sudden acceleration and deceleration are the leading causes of wasted fuel, making it only logical to take off very slowly from stop lights and stop signs and decelerate slowly as well. In many cases, coasting along in neutral on the freeway or highway can save you a tremendous amount of gas as well, providing that conditions are right for this type of travel. While it is true that driving extraordinarily slowly can be irritating to traffic around you, it is also true that sudden acceleration and deceleration are proven to cause a tremendous amount of wasted fuel, meaning that anyone who is accelerating past you or erratically changing lanes and sometimes even gesturing rudely at you is wasting a tremendous amount of fuel, made worse by their angry reaction to your driving habits.

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Auto Window Tinting

Maybe you want to have your windows tinted on your auto to make a fashion statement. Perhaps you need the rear windows of your auto tinted because you want to block out bright light for an infant who rides in a car seat there. No matter what reason you are considering window tinting for your auto, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

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Truck Bed Coating – Do it yourself

There are many do it yourself truck bed coatings. A good bed liner will save the bed of your truck by sealing off the metal and adding a cushion for hauling heavy solid objects like landscaping rock or fire wood. Keeping the bed in good shape by adding the bed coating will keep the bed from rusting out and looking better.
There are a wide range of bed coatings available for the do it yourself bed liner and some can be ordered in specific colors for matching the color of your truck. The most popular is black and will match nice with any other paint color on the truck. Black will be the cheapest as well. These bed coatings are available in spray on for the person that has access to a pneumatic spray gun or a role on that can be applied with a paint roller. The role on will be the way to go because you will have more control with the roller and have no need for masking.
After you have decided which bed coating will for you the bed of your truck will need to be prepared. Make sure you will be doing this project in a well-ventilated area as these products may have fumes that are harmful to breath. If you are in a garage open the doors, windows and use a fan to move the fumes away from you. Get a painting mask or respirator if you want to be sure of safety. A trick to keeping yourself from getting the coating stuck on you is to put petroleum jelly on your arms and wear rubber gloves. The petroleum jelly will keep the coating from sticking to your skin and will easily wash of.
The surface of the bed and inside of the tailgate will need to be free of any dirt or oil. After cleaning the bed you will want to rough up the surfaces that will be having the coating applied on them. Use a very coarse sand paper such as 80 grit for this. The bed coating will thick enough to cover the scratches in the surface and the surface will give the coating good penetration. After sanding clean the surface with a lacquer thinner to remove dust and any oil residue. If you have chosen to use a spray on bed liner you will need to mask off any surface you do not want the coating to get on. This will save a lot of time because masking now will be a lot easier than trying to remove the coating off these surfaces later. Start applying the bed coating in the front and work back making sure you have put down a good thick coat especially in the seams of the bed. After the bed coating is applied you will want to let it dry and cure very well before loading anything in the bed of your truck. The manufacturer of the bed coating will have this information listed in the kit along with whether or not you should apply more than one coat.