Your Automobile’s Air Filter

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Imagine breathing – without lungs. That didn’t take long.

Now take a deep breath and feel the air move through your nose into the deep parcels of your chest. Stay with me on this one – we’ll get to your car in a moment. Open your mouth and breathe deeply, sensing the flow rush through your larynx, caressing the mucus membranes, down through the bronchial tubes, disseminating into the microscopic recesses of your lungs.

Getting to Know More About a Car Warranty

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One of the least interesting but more important aspects of buying a new automobile is the car warranty. A healthy warranty, such as 10 years/100,000 miles, can bring a prospective buyer into the showroom and even be a deal sealer. After the purchase though, the warranty goes into a drawer somewhere, likely never to be seen again. A valuable piece of paper is treated like the old girlfriend who was once special but now seems irrelevant. Don’t treat your wheels, one of your most prized possessions, like yesterday’s news.

How to Entertain Your Kids in the Car

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Whether you’re out for a short car ride or a lengthy vacation, entertaining your kids in the car can be a challenge, and the last thing you need to deal with as you’re trying to safely navigate traffic is the sound of kids complaining about being bored. However, making sure that you have what you need to keep them entertained will help everyone stay calm, stay sane, and stay safe.

Reasons to Check Your Car’s Filters Regularly

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There are several different types of filters under the hood of your vehicle, and each of them has a specific purpose. However, if you neglect to check them and to replace them as needed you can reduce the overall lifetime that your vehicle is going to last. Don’t underestimate how important it is to keep these filters in top condition. It can allow you to drive your vehicle for thousands more miles.

Auto Body Kits – What to Think About Before Installing

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As you think about putting in auto body kits, you’ll possess several options. Every portion of the body kit may even possess various ways that it’s installed on the vehicle that depends on where the piece goes. You may attach a bumper in the front with some bolts, yet attach the side vanity piece with some tape that is double sided. A few of the most advanced modifications and kits may require a bit of welding.