All About Paintless Dent Repair


Paintless dent repair is a process by which certain tools are used to repair small dents on the body of a vehicle, without the need for invasive procedures that may ruin the paint. Dents or dings may be present on your doors, hood, trunk or roof from simple damage that occurs over time. These dents can be unsightly and detract from the value of your car. Dent repair can be a relatively quick, easy and inexpensive process that can be performed by a professional or can even be done at home using the proper do-it-yourself tools.

How It Works

Paintless dent repair is performed using a set of specialized tools that usually includes an array of rods, picks and tips. Angled rods are inserted behind door panels or through holes inside the structure of your vehicle to reach the dent location, and appropriate tips are selected to efficiently massage and smooth the dented metal from the backside. The end result often depends upon the skill of the technician performing the dent removal, but most damage, even larger-sized dents or those involving creased metal can be repaired and restored to like new condition.


Pricing varies for paintless dent repair services, depending upon the extent and type of damage that needs repair. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $500 for dent repair, with the lowest cost pertaining to a very small dent or ding, and the higher charges including services for large dents, creasing of metal and difficulty accessing the dent location. Often, paintless dent repair facilities will provide you with a discount for fixing several dents during one appointment. In comparison to auto body repair services quoted for the same damage, paintless dent repair will likely be substantially less expensive.

Do-It-Yourself Paintless Dent Repair

It is possible to perform paintless dent repair in your driveway or home garage, as long as you have access to the appropriate tools and a fair amount of knowledge of the process. If you plan to undertake the project yourself, it would be of great benefit to you to research the many tool kits available, as well as proper techniques for different types of dents. Basic paintless dent removal tool kits can be very inexpensive, but using the wrong tools could result in further damage to your vehicle and larger repair bills in the long run. You may wish to discuss the process with someone from a local facility providing the service. You could walk away with some great tips, or you may decide the process is best left to someone who already has the experience and appropriate tools.


When considering paintless dent repair to fix damages to your vehicle, there are several points you should keep in mind:

Paintless dent repair technology cannot address damage that includes scratches or chips in the paint. Underlying dents can still be repaired, but the shop or technician you select may charge additional fees for any procedures necessary to repair scratches in the paint.

If the dented area is located in a spot that is inaccessible by the tools available, the procedure may not be possible.

Plastic parts cannot be repaired using paintless dent removal.

Though rare, subsequent damage is possible during the process of paintless dent removal. You should check with your technician to make sure any damages to the paint, glass windows, doors or hardware would be covered, if they occurred due to technician negligence.

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