Attention to the Details – Detailing the Interior


If you want to detail the interior of your car on your own, attention to detail is a must. Your car has two main areas you’ll want to address: the interior and the exterior. For those looking for show-quality auto detailing, the process is more involved and includes the engine compartment, and the undercarriage. Detailing the car’s interior is detailed here.

First, you’ll want to rid the car of all the trash and clutter that has accumulated since the last detailing. Make sure to get it all including junk in the glove box, seat back pockets, door pockets, cup holders, ashtrays, floors, under the bucket seats, etc. If you have a wagon, SUV, or hatchback, make sure to clear out the back cargo area as well. If you have a sedan, pop the trunk and get rid of all the unnecessary items that are hogging up precious storage space.

Once the interior areas are cleared of the clutter, vacuum the car thoroughly. Take out the floor mats and give them a good shake before vacuuming them. Use an attachment to get the debris that is hiding in hard to reach places like between the seats. Don’t forget the trunk and cargo areas. These areas tend to have lots of dirt, wood splinters, and other debris because this area is where you stash messier items such as garden supplies.

After vacuuming, your interior detailing job isn’t done yet. Clean all surfaces with an appropriate cleanser. If you have leather seats, use leather wipes or leather cleaner. Wipe down the dashboard, doors, console, and other plastic and vinyl surfaces with a product designed for the job. This task often takes several passes before you’ll be satisfied.

Clean the steering wheel and gearshift knob, being careful not to use a product that will make them too slippery. For example, some products such as Armor All will add shine to the car’s interior but the surface becomes slick. For safety’s sake, don’t use those types of products on hands-on driving tools. This goes for the car’s gas, brake, and clutch pedals too.

Next, use glass cleaner to clean the inside of all the windows as well as the rearview mirror. Add an air freshener if you wish. While you’re at it, change out the CDs in your CD player and you’ll enjoy fresh tunes as well as a fresh interior.

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