Auto Detailing Element – Why Keep Your Car Waxed


Washing your car, as any conscientious car owner will tell you, has many benefits. It makes the car look newer and removes toxic debris to reduce the likelihood of paint corrosion. Over the long run, too, washing your car improves its resale value because it will look well maintained, and this will make it easier to sell at a higher price. In fact, car owners are often quite enthusiastic about washing their cars. Some even get a sense of satisfaction for a job well done by also wiping down the rims, hosing down the tires, and vacuuming the interior. Unfortunately, this is the point at which most efforts at car care will stop. Few car owners will take another 15 minutes to wax the car, as well. This is not really sloth or neglect, only ignorance. They simply don’t realize the enormous value of waxing.

Three Good Reasons to Consider Waxing Your Car

If you’re a conscientious car owner guilty of only washing your car but neglecting to wax it, here are 3 really good reasons why you should also consider waxing it.

1. Since paint protects the metal body of your car from dirt and rust, wax will protect it.

2. Without a coat of wax, oxidation will damage the paint, causing it to fade and look dull. Waxing prevents oxidation and keeps the paint looking bright and new. A coat of wax will keep your car looking newer for a longer time.

3. Apart from the aesthetic value of having a shinier, newer looking car, there is also a pragmatic value. When you decide to sell or trade your car, it will be easier to do so. Buyers assume that if a car looks new, it has been well taken care of and they are more inclined to buy it and even pay more for it. They almost automatically assume that if a car looks good, it must be in good condition, too.

Does Your Car Need Professional Care?

Waxing is so easy to do that it does not require you to take your car to a specialist to get the work done.
There, are, however, two good reasons to take your car to a professional:

One, you’re just too busy to wash and wax your car and chances are that if you don’t take it in for some professional help, it will not be washed and waxed at all. In this event, it’s always a good idea to take it in because a professional detailer will wash the exterior and interior of your car before applying a nice coat of wax on it. If you do choose this route, don’t do it occasionally, but on a regular basis.

Two, if you have neglected the paint on your car for some time, you can give always give it new life by taking it to a professional for auto reconditioning.

How Often Should You Wash and Wax Your Car?

If you choose to wash and wax your car, then you may be wondering how often you should do it. How much is enough? How much is too much?

Again, there are two things to consider. The first is how often your car is exposed to dirt, mud, rain, and snow. The second is the quality of the wax you use.

If your car is exposed to the elements frequently or you use a cheap wax because it is more economical, then you should wash and wax your car at least once a month. If, on the other hand, your car is kept in the garage a lot and the weather is usually balmy and the road conditions excellent where you live, then you can even stretch it out for as long as six months. The basic rule of thumb is that if the car is dirty or the paint looks dull, it’s time to wash and wax your car.

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