Car Housekeeping – Interior Cleaning


Maintaining your car not only includes the mechanical part of it, but also car housekeeping, cleaning the interior so will it last longer. Not only will it look and smell better, but also it will be an important issue when you decided to sell it or trade it in.

When cleaning the interior of the car some basic knowledge is required such as what type of cleaners are recommended for the type of material in the car – leather, vinyl, plastic, imitation leather, fabric, rubber, suede, and others. Applying the wrong product may damage or opaque the material’s finish. It is important to choose an air freshener that will not damage or stain the interior of the car as well, if it is applied as a mist or spray. Solid air fresheners should be placed in areas where they cannot fall next to the brake or accelerator pedals and are away from the reach of small children or pets.

When cleaning the car it is important to start from top to bottom and sides, just as you would clean your home. Keep all necessary tools for cleaning together so you do not lose time looking for a cleaning tool. It is easy to keep everything together in a small bucket. These days, manufacturers make car-cleaning kits, which make the process easy and more economical. These kits include a case or bucket with items for cleaning rubber and vinyl or leather, as well as air fresheners.

Other tools are needed to clean a car on the interior properly. These include a car vacuum, garbage bags, rags, glass cleaner, sponges, a duster or small soft brush, and scrub brush. You can find microfiber detailing cloths in the stores, which make the cleaning easier. These cloths come in a variety of colors and sizes. Microfiber sponges or applicators are also great. In general, many kits include these items plus the cleaners and conditioners for carpets, leather, or vinyl. Some of the cleaners may come in aerosol, or spray pump, liquid, or foam. Buying the kits might save you money instead of buying all the supplies individually.

To clean the interior of your car it is best to collect all garbage first and throw it out. Remove all unnecessary and extra items from your car, such as toys, magazines, anything that does not belong in the car and adds extra weight or robs you of much desired space. Next, organize the necessary items by category. Try to keep items stored in their proper location or buy a compact luggage or bag to store other items. This will keep things together for when you need them, and will open some space for when you go on vacation or a fun trip. Put those things to the side for now. Start removing the carpets and vacuum the entire vehicle. Proceed to dust the small holes or openings with a small brush – a makeup powder brush works perfectly. Clean the glass first. Next, clean the dashboard, glove compartment, and sides with the appropriate products for the type of material. Polish any areas that need polishing such as special wood areas on and around the dashboard or center console by using the appropriate polishing cleaning product for the type of material. Proceed to clean the seats and under and around them. Use a leather cleaner and protector if you have leather seats; it makes the leather last longer and moisturizes it so it does not crack. Last, clean the carpet with carpet cleaner and a brush. Pay special attention to stains. Clean the removed carpets as well. Replace those in the car. Proceed to add a car freshener. Put back the necessary items to carry in your car and organize them, either by kits or their use, so everything remains together. Do not forget to have a small garbage bag to keep trash under control.

These are just a few pointers in how to clean the interior of your vehicle in a practical way, saving you time and money.

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