Make Your Car Look Clean and Beautiful with a Steam Car Wash


Do you believe that your automobile paint is vulnerable to the car wash from water pressures that they utilize at a car wash station? Or is there any other reason you’re unsatisfied with a conventional car wash mechanism? Then you will be happy to understand that there’s a newer technology currently within the marketplace which has several advantages and it’s referred to as a steam car wash. This technology of steam washing utilizes steam jets that develop pressurized steam, and when utilized correctly upon a car’s surface, will clean a car with deodorizing and sanitizing effects.


A conventioanl wash utilizes lots of water in order to wash your automobile where a lot of water will be wasted, whereas within this technology of steam wash, just one gallon of the water will be needed in order to wash one vehicle at one time. Even the one gallon of the water will be used in a way which it’s least wasted. Another huge benefit of the technology of the steaming car wash would be that it’s very eco friendly.

A few of the models will be very mobile, due to them being transported everywhere and are extremely simple to utilize by anyone with pretty much the same effectiveness and efficiency. Additionally, it could be utilized for washing and cleaning other items.

Steam wash includes a newer technological addition to the industry of washing, so, naturally there’re a few myths and reservations concerning the technology.

1) Myth: The car wash using steam is a gimmick. Actually, technology of steam wash has been in use for decades within the industry of carpets and is serving its purpose there extremely well.

2) Myth: It’ll scratch the surface of the car. Actually, as the process of cleaning will be performed by a combination of pressure and heat water, there isn’t any hard substance which could rub the automobile’s surface, so the opportunities for scratches will be very minimal, yet the device must be utilized within the right way.

3) Myth: Paint work will be at some risk with the technology. Actually, as the steam’s temperature is below 100 degrees centigrade as it touches a car’s surface, with a suitable distance between an automobile and a gun, the car paint is made in a way that this temperature would be safe for paint.

4) Myth: The machine will be dangerous to work. Actually, it’s true, yet the exact same idea will be true for the conventional mechanisms of a car wash.

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