Mobile Detailing Packages


Not so long ago, getting your car detailed was a luxury reserved for special occasions or for cars in dire need of some tender loving care. It’s not so anymore because the auto detailing industry has become more competitive. In addition, most mobile auto detailers offer a variety of packages to meet any need.

First, auto detailing can be done at a detailer’s location such as at a full service carwash or it can be done on a mobile basis at your location. No matter where you get your car detailed, you can expect the same great service and expert results because mobile detailers come equipped with everything required to do the job including water, detailing supplies, and a shade canopy to work under.

Mobile detailing offers a significant advantage over taking your car to the carwash: you can have your car detailed while you work! In fact, many co-workers go in together and hire a detailer to work on all of their cars during the work day. By going in with a group, you can possibly get a better rate because the detailer is ensured of more jobs and he doesn’t need to travel to other locations.

Auto detailers typically have numerous packages available from the deluxe detail covering everything imaginable to mini-detail packages and simple hand car washes.

A typical deluxe package will include hand washing, applying wax or paint sealants, vacuuming the carpet, carpet cleaning, cleaning and dressing of interior plastic/vinyl/leather items, glass cleaning, engine degreasing, and dressing all exterior rubber and plastics. Deluxe packages often include detailing the trunk space, steam cleaning, and Scotch-guarding the fabric as well.

A mini-detail package will be less extensive than the full blown deluxe package. Typical mini-detail packages include hand wash, wax, interior vacuum, interior and exterior dressing, and window cleaning.

Sometimes, you don’t need all the extras, especially if you get your car detailed frequently. With this in mind, many auto detailers offer simple car washes that include a hand washing and drying, interior vacuuming, and glass cleaning.

While all auto detailers have their own particular packages, many also offer additional services or ala carte ordering. For example, many will let you purchase a particular package and then add on desired extras as needed such as engine cleaning, pet hair removal, carpet stain repellent, wax, tire and wheel cleaning, and other add-ons.

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