The Benefits of Claying Your Car


Consumers often spend an incredible amount of money on the vehicles they choose to drive, so it is no wonder why a car is considered to be one of the worst investments most people ever make. Keeping a car from depreciating as much as possible often entails maintaining the showroom condition of the vehicle. The various pollutants and contaminants present in the environment today make it very difficult for automotive paint finishes to keep their luster and shine, and many enthusiasts are constantly trying to determine the best method available to deal with such problems. Before choosing another possible way to restore a vehicle to pristine shape, a enthusiast should consider the benefits of claying their car.

Clay bars have been used for a number of years in car shows and other automotive applications, but kits available to consumers have just recently increased in popularity. The proper use of claying can allow virtually anyone without a significant level of experience to remove the surface contaminants plaguing their vehicle. The ease of use is one of the most significant benefits and the process is not too difficult for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

A smooth paint finish is desirable, but certainly not easy to obtain without the use of a clay bar. Bugs, tar, and other difficult to remove stains are not going to be easy to deal with. However, the claying process allows all of the pollutants and contaminants to be removed rather than covered over. Vehicles that have blemishes that are covered rather than removed are going to be very hard to wax, and the results will not be a mirror like finish. Only a properly prepared paint surface is going to be able to take full advantage of the various waxes and polishes that are on the market, so an enthusiast should always make sure to prepare the finish first with a clay kit. Claying a car will not result in swirl marks and other damage that rubbing compounds and harsh chemicals can cause. Friction and excessive pressure can lead to many different undesirable problems with a paint job, but the clay process is easy and does not entail either of these. Any loose contaminants can quite easily scratch the surface when an individual tries to buff or polish their vehicle, so claying prior to waxing is certainly the best method.

The cost of claying a car is certainly much less than a new paint job, and it is actually even less than simply paying a professional to properly detail the vehicle. Car enthusiasts appreciate the ability to purchase clay bar kits that will allow them to do their own work, and very few materials are required. No necessary training is required, and the clay process is actually one that can be learned while attempting the procedure. Many detailing techniques can cause serious damage if done improperly, but clay bars are relatively safe and will not harm the paint’s finish.

Enthusiasts do need to realize that claying their car must be followed by an adequate application of wax or protectant, and the deep shine and luster that is provided will be durable and long lasting. Brand new vehicles are incredibly expensive, but there is no reason why any vehicle shouldn’t be able to maintain a showroom appearance. Maintaining a vehicle’s value is one of the best ways to combat the concept of a car being the worst investment, and one of the best ways to do it is to keep a car looking brand new. Claying a car is inexpensive and easy to do, but the results are sure to impress.

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