Top Tips On How To Get The Best Shine From Your Car


There is no better feeling than admiring that new car shine on a new automobile purchase. It takes quite a bit of effort and the right kind of product to achieve this effect. But with the thousands of treatments available, how does a driver know which one to choose?

This is not an easy question to answer, but no matter what the choice ultimate becomes, first the car has to be cleaned thoroughly. Without this item accomplished, it doesn’t matter what type of wax is used. When a good cleaning is not done first, there will be scratches and dirt left on the paint, which tends to look terrible on a new car. Most studies point to the fact that cars which are washed on a regular basis will tend to last longer than their unwashed brethren. A car wash starts off with a clean rinse first. This will help to remove loose impediments and road dust. A mild car wash solution should be used to remove the rest of the grime, rubbing the paint surface with a soft sponge or towel designed for this purpose. Each section of the car should be cleaned and then immediately rinsed to avoid soap marks. The vehicle should also be thoroughly dried with either a chamois or the new microfiber towels that are now available.

When this is finished, the surface should be inspected. All areas need to be examined. This will reveal whether any dirt, bugs, or road tar may still be on the car. These things are very stubborn and may not wash off the first time. All of these sections can be cleaned again using a little more elbow grease to remove them. A special cleaner may be needed if this is unsuccessful. These types of sprays can be purchased at most of the major automobile parts stores. They all have a different formulation that will typically remain on the area to be cleaned so as to provide a chemical action of sorts. Without this type of reaction, the impediments would be almost impossible to remove without some serious scrubbing. Most of the time, they can be sprayed on, and then rinsed off.

After the car is cleaned, then it is time to apply a coat of paste wax. The product that received the highest recommendation from Consumer Reports was the Turtle Wax brand. It is most affordable for every consumer, so there is no need to purchase a more expensive product that won’t do any better job. It should be put on the car in a series of small circles — doing one complete area first before moving on to the next one. It should be allowed to dry to a white haze before final polishing with a soft clean cloth. Some spots may need a second treatment.

After this is finished, a polymer car polish should be applied to seal the car wax and make the shine semi-permanent. A good brand can be purchased at any larger retail chain for less than $5 per bottle. This is a liquid formulation and will last for a great number of car washes, as it is able to withstand a high amount of abuse and weathering. They can be readily applied to the car and then buffed dry. For the best possible protection, 2 to 3 coats should be applied.

With the car sealed, a high quality carnauba wax should be applied. The Turtle wax brand can be used or even some other comparably priced competitors. The car will appear to have been just washed. With two coats applied, it will have a brilliant sheen. The car will truly benefit from the different waxes and sealers. This will protect the vehicle from the dangers of sun, wind, and rain. It is the best way to keep the showroom new appearance on the vehicle and will be well worth the time and effort to complete this process.

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