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  1. vroombaby

    Cars = Jobs

    How many other places besides GM & Ford are doing a large setup to provide more jobs out there? I know recently we had a manufacturing plant for BMW had a set back when part of the place caught on fire, a few people had paid time off but no one lost a job thankfully (or a life).
  2. vroombaby

    Hate the defrost

    I mean I love that it works, I have an amazing system and it is warm within minutes. The problem is that there is no rear defroster so I have to have the front on full blast before the back is cleared in the mornings. Today I almost broke out a sweat before I got into work.
  3. vroombaby

    Wheeler Dealers

    Has anyone here caught this show before? We have watched about three episodes and I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Sometimes they seem to have interesting cars on there (last nights was a Porsche 914) but sometimes they just have dumpy cars.
  4. vroombaby

    Steve-O Killer Karaoke

    This show looks pretty dumb but then again Steve-O is used to being the butt of jokes. I just can not see how some people would be up for something like this. Some of the stuff is just vile, who would want to watch that for entertainment?
  5. vroombaby

    surprise family!

    We were planning on a small get together for the holidays but now it seems like the house will be invaded. A cousin is flying out and had a spat with his mother (who we do not get along with), so we have extra family staying for the next week. It is sad that his mom can not get over being so...
  6. vroombaby

    I already bought it

    I swear I am not a bad driver but I have had bad luck with my current car. It has been hit twice at the market (one hit and run, one with a buggy), hit on the back quarter panel during a blind spot I tried to creep out of and now the recent fender bender. Does anyone else feel like they have...
  7. vroombaby

    Yield means...

    Yield means an almost stop when required, right? I am pretty sure that was in the text books when I went to school. Today I was almost hit by a guy who has no idea how a roundabout works. Do they not include these anymore in the driver books?
  8. vroombaby

    FloorLine DigitalFit

    To spend the money or not spend the money, that is the question. I ran across this product the other day when I was couch surfing down with a bad cold. The price is so-so but the idea that I can totally protect the floors in the car is a huge plus. Would anyone else get these?
  9. vroombaby

    Charger, oh yes please!

    As I am going to get the car fixed (again) for the fender bender issue I just spoke with insurance about it this morning to confirm everything. I told them there is no way they are sticking me in a small car and the guy told me "nope, we don't put customers in dinky cars, you want a Charger"...
  10. vroombaby

    noise polution

    Does each state have a difference of opinion when it comes to cars and noise pollution? I just got home from a lousy day of work being sick and all I hear is my neighbor blasting his car stereo. I guess it would be okay if he would play something decent. :sing:
  11. vroombaby

    Neighbor shot his car

    I was actually quite impressed with it, this morning leaving for work I watched as my neighbor was shooting squirrels off an electrical wire above his house. As I was leaving the driveway I heard him mutter a few choice words and realizing the bbgun must have jammed on him and he ended up...
  12. vroombaby

    What do you want?

    So far my mother in law has asked us what we want with a few suggestions but I really have no clue for the holidays (other than a few extra vacation days). I prefer to get gifts that I need, if I want something I will just go buy it. Is that mean?
  13. vroombaby

    How do you sleep?

    I know that sleeping on your back is the best of all positions but I can not train myself to do it. Do they make special pillows to keep you from turning over to your side or stomach?
  14. vroombaby

    bad luck

    I have been sick for almost a week, cold/flu like symptoms and a kinked neck since last Thursday. Today I pick my kid up from school and get fender bumped by the guy behind me. Who has the best luck to get bumped by a Minister of all people? :sick:
  15. vroombaby

    Buying a Beamer

    I have never thought of myself as a beamer person but there is a good deal in town and we are thinking about trading mine in. Has anyone here had one before, how reliable are they? And how good do they handle in the winter months?
  16. vroombaby

    Best for windows?

    Someone managed to smear something all over my back windshield and then tried to wipe it off (in a bad way, like they used mud or something). What is the best thing to use on windows? I have always stuck with Windex or similar but isnt there something on the market that helps with glare from the...
  17. vroombaby

    dumbest moment so far

    I am always keeping up to date about things for our vehicles but I had a stupid moment this week. You know the wiper lever to turn the wipers on for either a moment or for their own speed settings (for when its really rainy out)? I told my husband this week that the motor had to be dead...
  18. vroombaby

    Five dead after workplace shooting

    Are people that stressed to the max that they are going around work places and offing one another? I can not imagine the stress these people would have to do such a thing its really quite sad.
  19. vroombaby

    wiper fluid

    What brand is everyone using for wiper cleaning? We picked up an off brand that works really well and I am surprised we got it for the price we did, at least 1/2 of what most car stores charge.
  20. vroombaby

    stuck in a car rut

    If you had the option to trade in a car right now, would you? We are thinking about that very thing right now and the spouse found a great BMW that he really thinks I need to look at. I kind of like my car but I do understand that we have a limited time to get "the most" for it.