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  1. vroombaby

    Cars = Jobs

    Many people love to shop for good deals but when you are a manufacturing plant and spending that much money you really need to understand that shopping overseas does little to help your own country. I know some refused the bail out but not all. Does anyone remember which ones refused it?
  2. vroombaby

    Cars = Jobs

    How many other places besides GM & Ford are doing a large setup to provide more jobs out there? I know recently we had a manufacturing plant for BMW had a set back when part of the place caught on fire, a few people had paid time off but no one lost a job thankfully (or a life).
  3. vroombaby

    Car Shopping

    We randomly head out on the weekends and check out some of the well known used car lots but we always stop by Carmax too. Sometimes they have a good deal going on as we got the Dodge Ram a few years back from there, lately though their prices have jumped through the roof.
  4. vroombaby

    Hate the defrost

    I mean I love that it works, I have an amazing system and it is warm within minutes. The problem is that there is no rear defroster so I have to have the front on full blast before the back is cleared in the mornings. Today I almost broke out a sweat before I got into work.
  5. vroombaby

    Rotating Tires

    I tend to do mine the same way, but there is no real schedule. It is either with an oil change or if they are doing a quick tuneup. It is easier to get it done together as for us we get discounts when we do services in packs like this.
  6. vroombaby

    Car Names

    All of the vehicles I have owned kept the same name until they were replaced. I even tried to name my husband's vehicle once and he said that is just not going to happen. Within a week even the kids were calling his truck by it's "new name", he was not thrilled about it.
  7. vroombaby

    Seat covers

    I have fabric in my car but I am somewhat of a drill Sargent when it comes to what comes into the car with people. Drinks for adults are okay in holders only, for kids plain water and that is it. Snack wise unless it is something easily vacuumed up it does not get eaten in the car. Mine is about...
  8. vroombaby

    Rain-X for Ice

    A very good defroster might do the try. I know this morning when I headed out it was crazy, everything was frosted over and you know we have not had one snowflake this year. I hope the summer is warm, I miss good weather!
  9. vroombaby

    Baltimore Ravens are dirty players!

    Are you really just complaining about a team you do not like or are you complaining about the lack of ref calls? My nephew does the first more than anything else, especially against the Ravens then again he and his sister are always cheering for different times. I think he does it just to upset her.
  10. vroombaby

    Wheeler Dealers

    They hunt out cars that are mostly older ones, fix them up and sell them off. I have only caught a few episodes but the show is interesting since it is a different take on most American shows dealing with classic cars.
  11. vroombaby

    Almost died!

    We had a similar issue about a month ago with the exact same setup. I am really surprised at how people are when it comes to a blinking stop light, it seems they either totally forget the rules of the road, should not be driving in the first place or just do not seem to care.
  12. vroombaby

    Rental Cars

    When we had to get the rental a few weeks ago while the car was in shop I noticed on the website for Enterprise they advertise selling them too. I honestly never knew what happened to them but it seems most rental places only keep a car for a year if that. I have never bought one myself but the...
  13. vroombaby

    Anything for your car for Christmas

    I picked up a new air freshener but I really do not think that counts. Later today we need to head out for a few things including new wipers for my car but that is about all. After having to have the car repaired twice this year I think the beast got her gifts early.
  14. vroombaby

    Wheeler Dealers

    Has anyone here caught this show before? We have watched about three episodes and I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Sometimes they seem to have interesting cars on there (last nights was a Porsche 914) but sometimes they just have dumpy cars.
  15. vroombaby

    Christmas Road Trips

    My sister in law came up to visit and I know in here area they waited almost two hours to get out of the city and that was before the weekend hit. I could not imagine driving during this time of year, we have a few plans to head out today but nothing major. Thankfully we always agree to never do...
  16. vroombaby

    Steve-O Killer Karaoke

    This show looks pretty dumb but then again Steve-O is used to being the butt of jokes. I just can not see how some people would be up for something like this. Some of the stuff is just vile, who would want to watch that for entertainment?
  17. vroombaby

    Big storm coming in

    The temp's for us have dropped in the past week and as cold as it has been you would think we already have snow on the ground. We went from high 70's to freezing within a day, the weather is quite crazy for everyone I know lately. Stay safe!
  18. vroombaby

    Christmas storage?

    It would be great to have a warehouse but I am thankful that we at least have an outside storage unit.. For the money it was well worth it since we can store just about anything in it, including the large lawn mower.
  19. vroombaby

    Christmas storage?

    Ours are all within the house or are on the property in out buildings, both are kept locked up. After a while of kids getting into our room and messing it up we decided to put a lock on the bedroom door. :)
  20. vroombaby

    Car lights on busy freeways

    On freeways sometimes I wish the lighting was better, then on side streets I wish headlights were dimmer. I guess there is no perfect balance between the two when it comes to visibility.