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    Little old lady drivers!

    Seriously I was driving home on a dirt road yesterday and this little old lady pulled right out in front of me. I should say she turned right in front of me! I slammed on my brakes and she just looked at me and put her hand over her mouth! Wow! I think elderly people need to retake their road...
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    Summer cars

    Does anyone here own a vehicle that they don't drive in the winter? My dad only drives his car in the spring, summer and fall. He only drives his truck during the winter months. How about you?
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    Factory speakers

    I want to change my speakers in the car. I don't know what I want. Are other speakers really better than the factory speakers your car comes with?
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    Horn would not stop

    There was a lady at work today that could not get her horn to shut off. She hit it when someone pulled out in front of her. I tried to help her but could not get it off. She ended up driving the car to the garage that way.
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    Locked gas cap

    Does your vehicle have a locked gas cap? Mine does not but I want to get one. Someone is stealing gas in our area. Sick! Gas is expensive ... I get it. I don't want to have to buy it twice! Can you get a locked cap?
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    Can't please everyone

    You ever feel like you are trying to please everyone all the time? I for one am tired of this feeling. I am going to just go with the flow and that is it. We will see if people then realize what I do to try to please everyone.
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    3 wheels

    If you had to get a 3 wheel motorcycle would you want the 2 wheels in the front or back? My dad is looking to get a new bike. I get his old Harley. I told him I would get one with the 2 wheels in the back. They just look cooler to me.