BCS rant


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So this weeks BCS rankings came out and Notre Dame is ranked number 3 behind Kansas State and Oregon. I am a huge Irish fan so I am a little upset that they are 10-0 on a tougher schedule than the other 2 teams and got ranked by the BCS computers at 1 and 2. Teh thing that dragged them down? The human bias evidenced in the Harris Poll and the AP Coaches Poll, where they have been consistently ranked at 3 and 4.


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I couldn't agree with you more. I think they should have a plus 1 playoff like any other sport too. With 2/3rds of the calculation coming from humans, I think it is much too subjective to be accurate and often you don't get the 2 best teams.


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I am not a college fan and this is the very reason why! I don't like how they rank schools. How fair is it? An undefeated team rates #3, the other 2 are undefeated too but what makes them better?


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I really think that eventually the BCS will have to give in to the pressure for a playoff style championship. I think every year at least one team feels shafted by the BCS and the support for a playoff is going to grow.