Getting better gas mileage


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I put a new fuel pump in my truck last week and the one thing I have noticed since the repair is that I am getting better gas mileage. Before the repair I was putting a full tank in on Friday and with minimal driving I was empty by Monday. I made it all week on 1 tank of gas last week and I drove a lot between home, the office and the hospital to visit a sick family member.


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It's amazing how you learn as you go when dealing with vehicles. Glad you found out about the gas mileage. In the future you will be on the lookout for that and so will I. Thanks!


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Well it is always good to find ways to help save on gas mileage. Most of the time it can be something as simple as what you found. Goes to show that you need to keep your vehicle in top shape.


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I am thankful for hills in our area that by the time I climb up them I can just glide down the other side. Gas prices are hurting right now, I swear the other day I was about to run out of gas. I think they are watering it down or something, drove the same routes I always take, same traffic, no clue what is going on.