Avoid Traffic Violations


Many of us have been in the situation where we have received a traffic violation for making
the wrong decision while on the road. Some violations are simple as a mistake to yield the
right of way while other violations are more serious. Any type of traffic violation can
become a costly problem and most of us really can not afford it. There are many times that
you may get behind the wheel knowing that it is not a smart decision, but still decide to do
anyway. There are also times you may not have another other choice when violating road
rules. There are many problems that can arise from having traffic violations such as your
insurance rating. Insurance companies tend to charge a higher rate for people who have too
many traffic violations. Each time you receive a traffic violation you are at the risk of
receiving points that will stay on your records. This is something you do not want and you
do not need. It is important for you to avoid traffic violations as much as you can. There
are a few ways that you can successfully eliminate the chances of traffic violations.

1. Buy a car equipped with cruise control

There are many times that you may be speeding without even realizing it until it is too
late. Millions of people receive traffic violations daily due to exceeding the speed limit.
Each time you receive a traffic violation for speeding you are at risk of being charged a
higher rate for car insurance. When purchasing a car try to find a car that is at least ten
years old or younger. These cars typically will have cruise control installed and will help
to control your speed. You can easily set the device to the legal speed limit and not have
to worry about ever getting stuck with a speeding ticket because you will always be set at
the same speed limit. Another benefit of cars that are ten years old or younger is that they
are known to be more comfortable and safer.

2. Take a designated driver along

Having a designated driver can be very helpful in the situation of drinking and driving. You
should never get behind the wheel in any circumstance when you have been drinking. This is
important not only because you do not want to receive a traffic violation but it also is not
safe to drink and drive. Find someone that is responsible to be your designated driver. It
will save you big time in the long run and you will be safe.

3.Buy a personal breath tester

This is one of the most simplest things you can do to ensure that you do not accidently
decide that it is okay to drive after you have been drinking. There are many occasions you
may think that you have not drank too much and it is safe to drive. Many traffic violations
are due to drunk driving and are not very appealing to employers when attempting to find a
job. You can save yourself from drunk driving tickets by buying a personal breath tester
that can tell you whether you should be getting behind the wheel. You can buy single
disposable breathalyzers that do not cost very much or you can buy a handheld unit that is a
little more costly. Be sure that you buy a breath tester that works properly.

4.Leave a little early

If you are running late for work or a special occasion you may find the urge to speed to
make it where you need to be. You can avoid being in a rush by leaving earlier then you
normally would.

There are many different ways to save yourself from a traffic violation and it is important
to take precautions that will help you avoid the consequences from a traffic violation. You
should always attempt to stay safe and follow rules of the road. By doing so you will never
have to worry about future problems that may occur from receiving violations

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