Benefits of Tinting Car Windows


There are many benefits to tinting car windows. Tinted windows will keep most of the blistering heat out during the summer months. The tinted windows will provide an instant shade that will also keep steering wheels cool, and leather seats from cracking and burning. Nothing is worse than sitting in a hot leather seat with shorts on, and touching a burning hot steering wheel while trying to drive. People who have children will also benefit when the tinted windows keep the sun out of their child’s eyes. Babies who sit in car seats will also benefit when they are able to sleep better during a nice drive around town.

There are six top reasons on how drivers can benefit from tinted windows on their car.


Tinted windows can keep the interiors of a car from overheating by sixty percent. The air conditioner will also work better when a car is cooler, even if the outside is over 90 degrees. Drivers can test this out by sitting in a car that does not have tinted windows, and see how long it takes for an air conditioner to cool down, compared to a car with tinted windows. The air conditioner instantly starts to cool a car down with tinted windows. Cars that are not tinted will have to wait for a few minutes before they start to feel the frigid cool air return to the car.

Health benefits

There are also many health benefits from having tinted windows. People will be less apt to receive sunburns on their arms and legs when the sun is hitting them directly. Tinted windows will block out over 90% of the suns rays, so there will be less chances of contracting skin cancer. Most drivers who sit in a car in shorts without tinted windows may not even realize that their legs and arms are becoming blistered from the sun until they get out and start walking around. This could actually be more dangerous because a person cannot tell that they are getting harmful burns from the sun when they cannot feel the pain right away. Tinted windows can also help a person from overheating and dehydrating in a car that has no air conditioner. Even with the windows down, a person can still overheat in 90 degree weather without tinted windows or an air conditioner.

Protection during an accident

Tinted windows are very sturdy for windows that can help protect a driver from flying glass. The tint helps to keep shattered glass stay together instead of splintering all over the place.


Tinted windows give drivers a lot more privacy when other drivers in the road cannot see into their cars. There is less temptation for a thief when a car has tinted windows. The thief is not able to see any valuables in the car, so they will not usually bother. Cars that have valuables in the front seat in plain sight will be more vulnerable to car thieves than cars with tinted windows. Breaking into a car with tinted windows would be too much of a hassle if they find that the inside of the car holds nothing of value. Thieves are opportunists who are looking for the easiest targets.

Prevent damage

Interior car seats can easily crack and fade when they are under a lot of heat from the sun. Tinted windows can prevent the seats from cracking, and they will keep their natural interior colors from fading. Tan interiors are the most vulnerable to fading than cars with a darker color.

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