Buying an SUV Vs a Minivan


If you are looking for a vehicle that is roomy, you may be deciding if you want an SUV or a minivan. There are benefits to each of them so you have lots of options. You will find many sizes of SUV’s out there so you can get one that holds just as many people as a mini van. In fact, there are some that hold 8 passengers where the largest minivans only hold 7.

The stigma of owning an minivan is something many people want to stay away from. In that case, an SUV is more along the lines of what they are looking for. If you have teenage drivers they last thing they want to do is be cruising around in the minivan so they will certainly appreciate the SUV more.

Both offer lots of storage. A minivan is typically going to be less expensive though because they have better fuel mileage. They also are often cheaper on insurance but the overall rates will depend on your driving record and the specific model of vehicle you are looking at.

Many consumers find that they are able to navigate a minivan easier than an SUV. This is especially true when it comes to parking that vehicle. However, those that want to have a larger vehicle on the road to be more aggressive often feel higher up and in more control when they have an SUV.

If you need the option of a 4 wheel drive then you will want to consider the SUV. This is a great selling feature that does make it more versatile than a minivan. Just about all models of minivans are front wheel drive and they are going to do well when you operate them in adverse conditions such as on snow or ice. Yet they have a lower clearance which can be tougher when you go through back roads and use them for off road excursions.

If you will be using the vehicle for towing a boat or other recreational vehicles it is going to be hard to find a minivan that can handle that towing capacity. Yet many of the SUV’s out there will be able to do so. Your own physical abilities can affect your decision too. This is because a minivan will sit closer to the ground than an SUV. If you have someone in your household that is disabled a minivan may make it easier to assist them in and out.

It is a good idea to take a close look at your budget. This can help you to decide if the SUV or the minivan is right for you. Compare sizes, features you are after, and the safety ratings of these vehicles. Then you can test drive some of them to decide what seems to work the best for your needs and your individual style. You can look at both new and used models to find what you are looking for.

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