Car parts; new or used?


When it comes time to repair a car, there are many decisions to make. One of them, depending on who services your car, will be if you want new or used parts put in. There are people on both sides of this fence. Some people feel that there are many used parts out there that will last nearly, or just as long as a new part. They may have a point. Just because a part is used, doesn’t mean it is useless. Many times, brand new cars are in accidents. Aside from the damage from the accident, there are new parts on the car that are still very useful. If you could get those at half the price, you would really be getting a deal! The problem with used parts is that you do not know just how used they are. They could very well be from a new car. They could just as easily be from a lemon. So, basically, with used parts, there are hits and misses. Seldom will anyone guarantee used parts. It is for this reason that many people choose to go with new.

New parts are normally guaranteed, but it usually shows in the price of the part. New parts are sometimes more than three times the cost of used parts. With new parts, however, if something goes wrong you know it will be replaced. New parts are generally more available than used parts. Many Do-it-yourself mechanics can find the part they need at any car part shop. The same is true for professional repair shops. The parts are either on hand, or can be ordered and delivered quickly. This is a very big plus for many people. Most folks do not have time to wait until the right part is found. Everyone needs their cars, and the sooner they can be repaired, the better. Convenience does cost.

Which ever you decide, try to calculate what the final figure would be in the worse case scenario, and in the best. Compare the difference and see which is right for you. If you are fixing the car yourself, and you know you saw that part at a “pull it yourself” lot, then you may want to give it a try. However, if the part doesn’t work, you are out not only that money, but money for a different part, not to mention your time. If you choose a new part, and are doing it yourself, the part may not work. If that is the case, you can usually get a replacement part, but you will still have to take the time to replace it yourself.

It’s easy to see why there are people on both sides of this debate. The best thing to do is consider each instance individually. For one repair, it may be cheaper to just buy a used part and take your chances. On other repairs, it is best to get a guarantee with a brand new part, even if you do have to spend time replacing it.

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