Car trends:


It is nearly impossible to keep up with the latest trends in the automotive industry. It seems like every few minutes, another manufacturer is coming out with something new. Since money is a growing concern among buyers, manufacturers are trying to offer more, for less. There are just so many options out there; sometimes it is tough to decide. No one can say what is right for you, but you. Let’s take a look at some of the trends in today’s world:

Size: Medium sized cars seem to be the latest trend. So many people bought into the SUV trend and are now rethinking. Gas prices are changing a lot of people’s mind about the size of their car. A lot of people are trading in that extra space for more economical value. For some, the SUV is still the way to go. If you have a large family, or you drive for social functions, a medium car may not be for you. For most, however, the medium sized cars are getting checked out more closely. Some of the newest small cars offer great mileage, but there is precious little space in them. Therefore, medium is currently “in.”

Gas or electric? No, we are not talking about how you should heat your home; we are talking about which fuel your car will use! One of the very newest trends is the electric car. These were tried to some extent years ago, but never quite caught on. Soaring gas prices made some re-think this idea. Whether it will catch on this time remains to be seen.

Technology: There are some great positive things to say about all of the newest technology in vehicles. There are the safety systems which alert emergency systems when we are in trouble, there are GPS systems to help us find our way, and there are DVD players to entertain the kids. Could it be, however, that technology has gone too far? There aren’t many bad things you can say about the safety systems. They are a good thing. GPS systems have caused some to grow concerned, however. How much is the driver paying attention to the road if he or she is staring at the GPS? It is too easy for attention to be diverted when driving, and things like GPS systems don’t help. What about DVD players? They are great for keeping people entertained in your car, but not so good if they are entertaining the driver of another car! Televisions and DVD players have almost a hypnotic affect on some people. There hasn’t been an epidemic of DVD related accidents, but they have probably caused some.

Technology can work for us, or against us, depending on how we handle it. Human nature pretty much stays the same, so in some instances, the technology is just a device waiting for an accident to happen. Cell phones are a good example of that. They are becoming a necessity, and yet, put someone behind the wheel of a car, and they should probably not have the cell phone. Whichever technology you choose, drive smart, and safe.

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