Caring for your tires!


Your tires and wheels are a few of the most basic elements of any vehicle, but one many people overlook when maintaining a vehicle on their own. The last thing you want to is be stranded in the middle of nowhere because you didn’t check a simple thing like tread depth or tire pressure. Inspecting the tires and wheels is very simple and can keep you out of a heap of trouble. Lets start with the tires.

You always want to make sure the tread depth of the tires are checked at regular intervals. With technology the way it is today for tires, unless you are peeling out and driving like you stole it, they should last quite a long time. I recommend that every time you change your oil, you should double check the tread on your tires. A good way is to take a penny and slide it in between the treads….if you can see Mr. Lincoln’s nose or chin, your tread may be getting a little low. Bald tires may be great for racing, but they are a big no on the road.

Rotating your tires for even tread wear is also a great way to maximize the life of your tires. This can be done every 5,000 – 6,000 miles, or every other oil change. With most directional tires, you simply want to take the wheels from the rear of the car and install them onto the front of the car, in a X pattern. This can save you the headache of buying new tires because of uneven wear.

Lastly, tire pressure should be checked regularly. Once a week is optimal, but every oil change can work as well. the wrong tire pressure can lead to uneven wear, flat tires, or blow outs. You should always check the manufacturers pressure specification when inflating the tires.

While you are down there rotating your tires and checking the tread, there is one more thing you can do….check for brake dust. Brake dust contains a whole bunch of nasty things and when you combine that with the heat generated from brake operation and road grime, you could potentially bake the junk into your wheels. You can clean the brake dust off of the wheels with a damp sponge or cloth. Wheel cleaner can also be used but make sure you follow the directions…you don’t want to miss a simple step that would cause harm to your wheels or brake system! Thanks again for taking the time to read this handy article. Follow these easy steps and you will find yourself with a car that will last you longer than you ever thought possible….and save you a few bucks along the way!

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