Cleaning your air filter


Think of your engine as an air pump; the more air it can collect and release, the more efficiently the engine will run. Your air filter is an important element in keeping your engine running efficient and strong….not to mention getting the most out of gas mileage. Air filters are simple; they collect debris and contaminants in the air so they don’ get to where they can do damage. It is important that you replace or clean(for reusable filters) at regular intervals. The most common type of filer is a disposable one that you can purchase from your local store. Installation is very simple. You simply open your air filter housing (refer to your cars owners manual), take the old one out, and pop the new one in and you are ready to go. If you want to go another route, and one that could save you some money, you can purchase a reusable filter (think K&N for the most common example). These are great because all you have to do is clean them at the recommended intervals and they usually collect more debris and dust than a disposable filter. The cleaning product you use is usually included with the filter and is good for several cleanings. After that, all you have to do is by the cleaning kit, which is generally inexpensive. The cleaning process for the reusable filters does take a little longer, but. You run tap water through the filter until the large chunks of debris are gone. After it drys, all you have to do is coat the filter with the included products, let it dry, and then install in the filter housing (again, refer to your users manual). Always make sure the filter is totally dry when you reinstall it, as the cleaner can cause problems with the Mass airflow sensor, and that is always a headache.

Another option if you are going to use a reusable filter is purchasing it along with a cold air intake kit. Like the same says, the kit draws in cold air instead of the air that is heated up in the engine bay. They are inexpensive can improve gas mileage and horsepower (although minimally) in your vehicle as well as dress up your engine. Most intakes are made of either aluminum or a hard, heat resistant plastic and can come in a variety of colors to help make your engine bay that much more interesting! Well, there you go. Another piece of advice that can save you money and keep your car running strong!

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